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“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you!” (Pericles 430 B.C.)


“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato (c. 428-348 B.C.)



Series (Interspersed in articles below.)

  • Without Competition, Tyranny Follows
  • Struggle for Dominance
  • Two Kinds of People
  • Political Class Arrogance
  • Forgotten Traditions
  • Behind Closed Doors

Articles (Shown in this order when scrolling down.)

  • Sexes See Politics Differently

  • Political Disasters Don’t Just Happen

  • Family Under Attack

  • Heads Up, Ladies

  • Feminism Castrated

  • Liberty without Virtue?

  • A Baker’s Dozen of Exceptions

  • Motherhood Under Attack

  • Feminine Made Obsolete

  • Who Rules? Us or Them?


  • When Popularity Motivates

  • Hidden Agendas III

  • Hidden Agendas II

  • Hidden Agendas

  • Uprooting a Religion

  • Long Live the Electoral College

  • The Birth of BIG and BIGGER Government

  • Playing the Race and Other Cards

  • What’s Happening in America?

  • Hidden Agendas

  • Standby for Change

  • Cultural Assassins

  • Judeo-Christian Culture

  • Three-way Postmodernism


Forgotten Tradition #44

The Rule of Law rooted in God-given liberty and the constitution guarantees and protects our rights against what our Founding Fathers feared the most: tyranny aka oppressive government. Our laws were originally based on principles that valued individuals above groups, just as God does. Only one other choice of government exists, and the rest of the world has it.

The Rule of Man bases principles on what’s good for the rulers. Even when a supreme being is involved, such as when the Church shares power, it remains the Rule of Man but includes what’s good for clergy.

Neither the Church nor Man can underwrite a legal system objectively into a Rule of Law comparable to what the U.S. had with God as kingpin.

Without God as foundation and source of rights, Man can only create a self-serving system of laws that first protects the protectors against the rest. This translates into protection against groups, which means providing largesse to the strongest and most competitive groups as they threaten the rulers. Rulers buy equilibrium and peace with power rather than God-given principles.

The Rule of Man is the proverbial road to Hell paved with good—or so announced—intentions. It inevitably leads to oppressive government aka tyranny. Since 1913 America has slipped toward it, but in the 21st Century we slide rapidly into it. 



Forgotten Tradition # 43

In a representative democracy, aka republic, character of elected officials far outweighs their stand on the issues of the time. Anyone can vote what they are told by their political superiors. Solid character is required to stand the heat of making and living with decisions that rightfully represent one’s constituents.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”


Forgotten Tradition #42

American free enterprise rests atop this three-legged stool*:

  • In God We Trust — God’s equality manifests as equal opportunity, and Free Will empowers all of us to compete for outcomes of our choosing.  
  • e pluribus unum (Out of many, one) — This motto unifies us as Americans, a highly unique culture that welcomes other people to come and share the blessings of Americanism.
  • Liberty — Political freedom enables us to exercise our God-given Free Will in our individual self-interest.

Based on equal opportunity to promote self-interest including the freedom to fail, free enterprise makes the playing field classless. It also makes outcomes fair, because they are created by individual investments of time, effort, and money.

Free enterprise enables and promotes competition, which rewards productive behavior and punishes unproductive time, effort, and money. Productive behavior, regardless of who does it, creates wealth that expands the economy and benefits everyone. Unproductive behavior focuses people on getting better at whatever they do. Thus, free enterprise keeps consequences attached to individual choices.

In these ways, free enterprise plays to the heart of individualism, fairness, and classlessness and reinforces individual freedom.

* Named the ‘American Trinity’ by Dennis Prager after his epiphany studying the U.S. penny.


Struggle for Dominance — #6

Ideology determines who dominates whom. I compare the American Trinity* as seen by TheRestOfUs and ThePoliticalClass:

The former believe: In God We Trust. The latter believe it should be: In Government We Trust.

The former believe in the American motto e pluribus unum (one people out of many aka the Melting Pot). The latter believe it should be many groups out of one people aka multiculturalism plus diversity, which breeds inequalities that require government involvement or intervention.

The former believe in Liberty as an entitlement from God. The latter believe government should grant Liberty, because individual freedom conflicts with the common good as government identifies it.

The former seek to keep America American. The latter seek to build something else. The latter have been gaining the upper hand, but the Tea Partiers are fighting back. The struggle continues.

* Coined by Dennis Prager after viewing them on the penny.


Two Kinds of People—Set 10

Some people understand that choices have consequences, and everyone should live with their own so as to better themselves. It’s as if we have a moral obligation to better ourselves, we owe it to others if not ourselves. Such people intuitively appreciate freedom.

Other people are unwilling to live by principles that make people rise up to better themselves, much less facing into challenging winds to do it for others. They face downwind, and it lets them see opportunity saving people from their choices. Such people want freedom for themselves but not everyone.


Forgotten Tradition #41

The Constitution of the United States was written by Protestants of various denominations, but no denomination dominated. In 1787 state populations varied: Quakers in Pennsylvania; Anglicans in Virginia; Catholics in Maryland; Baptists and Anglicans in South Carolina; Puritans, Unitarians, Congregationalists, and others in New England.  Jews were scattered.

As we know, the Founding Fathers sought religious freedom to prevent tyranny by king and church. They gave us religious freedom and no king. The variety of religious beliefs in the states made it both possible and practical.


Forgotten Tradition #40

The Declaration of Independence proclaims that Americans are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights….”

Our constitution guarantees those Rights. Treating it as a ‘living constitution’ enables godless opponents—using gradualism as their strategy— to disclaim God’s role or existence and weaken or take away our Rights. Ever heard of the ACLU?


“A republic, if you can keep it.” Part III

It’s all very broad, but the two posts immediately below show our small r republican design for the federal government. Many changes have evolved over more than two centuries. I focus on two, one done and one in dispute:

  • Now elected by popular vote, senators previously were appointed by state legislatures. The latter method gave the state more direct and powerful representation. The popular election of senators empowers them to cater, shape, and modulate the will of the majority. Issues rank secondary to senatorial reach for voter power and reelection.
  • Current pressures to elect the president by popular vote will have the same effect as popular election of senators. The states lost influence with the feds, and the people will lose influence if state interests can be ignored in presidential elections. Also with popular election, the president needs only shape and appeal to national majority opinion. It’s often laden with emotions, lacks detailed knowledge about critical issues, and feeds on dominant media opinion.

Both changes take power away from representatives of the people and centralize it among a few at the top. It moves us away from a republic and toward pure democracy, which empowers elite oligarchs and media power brokers to lead the nation.


“A republic, if you can keep it.” Part II

To hold our republic together, the Constitution of the United States prescribes three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

By making the branches separate but equal, the Constitution exploits human nature to provide stability and preserve the republic. If one branch becomes too powerful, the competitive spirit of men joins the other two branches in opposition to bring down or level out the too-powerful branch. The continual up-and-down process generates and maintains equilibrium that prevents the rise of an oppressive branch of government aka tyranny.


“A republic, if you can keep it.” Part I

The title above is attributed to Ben Franklin answering a woman as he exited the Constitutional Convention in 1787. So what’s a republic? What did the Founding Fathers give us?

They gave us democracy, not pure but representative democracy. Not rule by the majority, but rule by many little majorities synchronized and coordinated by ingenious design and within a structure prescribed by the Constitution of the United States.

Democracy works for each of us through our respective elected officials:

  • Each of us has a majority-elected congressional representative. During their two-year term of office, members of the U.S. House of Representatives represent district constituents to the federal government.
  • Each state has two legislative representatives whose six-year terms are staggered in the U.S. Senate.
  • States are also represented by the president elected for four years. The chief executive coordinates the interests of the states and provides security for the nation.

(I ignore representation by local and state officials. It works under the same republic-like principles, but with specifics prescribed by state constitutions rather than the federal.)

Tomorrow: The foundation for keeping our republic.


Struggle for Dominance — #6

Socialism favors and appeals to women more than men. This has several causes and effects: Men crave freedom. Women crave stability and security. As government provides more of what women want, government takes freedom away from men. As women depend more on government, men become less valuable as producer, provider, protector, and problem solver for a woman and her children. Consequently, under socialism, men lose both freedom and value to women. Handicapping men this way pushes women toward greater socialism, which makes power easier to sustain among the ruling oligarchs. 


Forgotten Tradition # 39

Sworn in 1776, these words preceded signatures on the Declaration of Independence. “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

British warships were moored in New York harbor, and all the signers were immediately declared traitors to the crown. The hunt began.

“Of those 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence, nine died of wounds or hardships during the war. Five were captured and imprisoned, in each case with brutal treatment. Several lost wives, sons or entire families. One lost his 13 children. Two wives were brutally treated. All were at one time or another the victims of manhunts and driven from their homes. Twelve signers had their homes completely burned. Seventeen lost everything they owned. Yet not one defected or went back on his pledged word. Their honor, and the nation they sacrificed so much to create, is still intact.”*

* The source article recounts many more glorious details about the signers with which all Americans should be familiar: “The Americans Who Risked Everything” at



Political Class Arrogance # 15

Because people expect others to finance the government, ThePoliticalClass plays one class against another. This describes modern times:

“The wealthiest 1 percent of the population earn 19 per­cent of the income but pay 37 percent of the income tax. The top 10 percent [earn 44 percent of the income earned] and pay 68 percent of the tab. Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent—those below the median income level—now earn 13 percent of the income but pay just 3 percent of the taxes. These are proportions of the income tax alone and don’t include payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare.”*

The bracketed phrase provides a figure found elsewhere in the source. It permits this calculation: The remaining 40 percent of earners in the middle earn 43 percent of the income and pay 29 percent of the taxes.

Nevertheless, ‘soak the rich’ resonates when tax matters change, and ThePoliticalClass plays one class against another.   

PERSONAL NOTE: I am in neither the top 10 percent nor bottom 50 percent of earners.

* Source: Guess Who Really Pays the Taxes. )


Political Class Arrogance #14

The godless but powerful among us don’t believe Man is capable of governing himself as in government of, by, and for the people. They envision a better system, which they define by values contrary to Americanism. They seek to override or destroy the values given us by the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and the American Trinity of In God We Trust, Liberty, and e pluribus unum.

Behind their un-American beliefs, godless idealists, elitists, and ideologues in ThePoliticalClass think TheRestOfUs don’t deserve liberty. They see no obligation for government to support individual rights.

Among their major accomplishment over the past few decades, they questioned, changed, or watered down the constitution through executive orders, judicial activism, and legislative sleight of hand.

It greatly worsens today. Religious freedom, private property rights, gun rights, and family stability continue to undergo continual attack.


Forgotten Tradition #38

Liberty we deserve, and freedom we get. Liberty is the concept, freedom is how we live it. Our liberty comes from God as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, and our constitution guarantees our freedom.

Not freedom from maltreatment by other Americans, but freedom from government oppression, aka too much power in one place or person, aka tyranny. All of which inevitably arise when godless idealists, elitists, and ideologues control government.


Struggle for Dominance — #5

TheRestOfUs fall too easily for language manipulation by ThePoliticalClass. For example: They seek to redistribute wealth, which implies net worth and soaking only the rich. The more accurate term, ‘Redistribution of income’, involves almost everybody, which would complicate tax issues for ThePoliticalClass.


Without Competition, Tyranny Follows # 3

Capitalism is simply free enterprise marketing that produces and distributes goods and services at prices acceptable to both provider and buyer. The process generates equal opportunity and keen COMPETITION, which keeps power balanced across society for producing, distributing, and selling.

Excessive profiteering always invites COMPETITION that soon reduces the profiteering back to normalcy. It’s a much more rewarding and fair process than government intervention and inevitable dominance of whatever and wherever government gains access.


Political Class Arrogance # 13

Men judge and base decisions primarily on actions they observe. Women judge and base decisions primarily on words, promises, and good intentions.

So, let me point to what women may miss in the political arena. These examples are chosen not because of what involved people say or claim about them, but because of the results that such people produce often contrary to their proclaimed intentions.

‘Code words’ cited below are purposely chosen and used to appeal to females without victimizing them, while pushing forward on leftist political agendas. Also, well known terms have hidden meanings as they are implemented. Some examples:

  • Social justice and economic justice are code word for redistributing wealth.
  • Diversity is code word for injecting un-American values into the American value system and Judeo-Christian cultural values.
  • Multiculturalism is code for dividing the public into competing classes and groups, so as to shut down the Melting Pot concept and e pluribus unum.
  • Progressivism is a coalition of leftists and rightists that disguise or hide their individual but common-interest ideologies that further hide un-American agendas.
  • Fascism has hidden meaning to build dominance of TheRestOfUs by ThePoliticalClass.
  • Socialism has hidden meaning to centralize power among oligarchs at the top of ThePoliticalClass.
  • Communism has hidden meaning to concentrate totalitarian power among socialist oligarchs.

All of the people involved in the above condemn Nationalism, because it focuses on preserving one’s country and its uniqueness.


Two Kinds of People—Set 10

Both sexes seek justice but define it differently. Females seek justice based on equality, but males base justice on fairness. (Incidentally, equality is a European value, and fairness is American. Equality before the law is best when based on fairness, since equality is impossible to achieve except in theory.)


Two Kinds of People—Set 9

The female nature, due to its need for protection, promotes right-makes-might and the Rule of Law. The male nature, left to its competitive and dominant influence, promotes might-makes-right and the Rule of Man.


The Sexes See Politics Differently

Political differences sprout from this: Women focus primarily on the future, men on the present, women on the process, men on the results, women on harmonious relations, men on rowdy competition. Consequently, women more easily trust the gentlemanly political process than men. Politicians exploit the differences.

Women look for a brighter future and peaceful process to produce it. They anticipate outcomes and confidently expect decision makers to produce what they promised. They accept politicians’ persuasive words, female-friendly promises, and politically announced intentions as good enough. Women don’t have to worry, unless they discover undelivered promises that impact them personally.

Women are already the majority, and they don’t examine results and delivery on promises as closely as men. Consequently, politicians focus more on shaping female opinion. It’s easier to achieve majority support that way. Words and promises are easy and can be redefined compared to delivering results.

Men value a man’s word and expect commitment to it. But they’ve learned that politicians’ words only contain die hard commitment when given to other politicians.

Men, consequently, look more for suspicious intentions, insincere promises, final outcomes, and promises delivered as promised. Also, being natural competitors, they accept that rowdy competition often signals deep commitment.

However different the sexes are, plenty room exists for compatibility in the political realm.


Behind Closed Door # 17

In politics, something is never given for nothing. Quid pro quo rules political arrangements whether good, bad, or indifferent for females. If you want something, such as support for the feminist agenda in Congress, you must arrange a trade, such as support for someone’s bill or reelection.


Without Competition, Tyranny Follows — # 2

Primal urges push men to battle over power, advantages, benefits, and the shaping of events. When humans organize themselves into society, men compete for governing power and the culture defaults to patriarchy even when queens rule.

History knows no exceptions. In seven thousand years, no matriarchy arose. Even radical feminists dreaming of matriarchy couldn’t bring it about.

The female nature is neither inclined nor successful competing directly for governing power. This makes women more vulnerable to oppressive men, that is, tyrants whether they are individuals, husbands, kings, idealists, elitists, ideologues, or oligarchs. To prevent tyrannical excesses, women need limits on the power of men—but then so do men.

To the Founding Fathers, men competing freely for power, advantage, and benefits will naturally and dutifully protect their women and children. Consequently, the Constitution of the United States prevents tyranny as its primary objective, because freedom to compete aka liberty is impossible to preserve unless tyranny be prevented.


Forgotten Tradition # 37

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” John Adams


Without Competition, Tyranny Follows —#1

We’ve never seen tyranny in America, so it’s hard to imagine what it means. We at least need to understand what prevents it, because modern changes seem to be making the U.S. highly vulnerable. Prevention comes from keeping one political, economic, and legal function wide open.

America’s wealth, greatness, political stability, and future potential depend on one unique ingredient: COMPETITION on the macro scale for political power, economic power, legal power, media power, and wealth-building power. COMPETITION on the micro scale for homes, jobs, services, mates, and most everything else in life.


Political Disasters Don’t Just Happen

To understand where American women are being dragged by the hair without a whimper, we need only examine crises that flood Western civilization.

Europe has proven that these two can’t coexist: The welfare state and unlimited immigration. Immigrants with high birth rates soon overwhelm government’s ability to provide income, subsidies, privileges, perquisites, and medical care.

FDR said this: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Currently in America we fail to stop illegal immigration, while Congress and the president continue to expand the American welfare state. Why follow European folly? The answer: It’s not folly, it’s designed that way.

Two radical socialist professors at Columbia contrived a unique strategy in 1966, and the dominant figures in both parties push it forward. David Horowitz summarizes it this way:

“The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

Responding, government leaders simultaneously expand the welfare state and enable illegal immigration. It floods government with new demands designed to show capitalism faulty and replaceable. Consequently, crisis follows crisis. Capitalism comes under continual threat as fascist techniques sneak socialism under the door.

It has America headed toward Marxist Socialism, which is the theoretical model Marxists think will ultimately govern the globe. Progressivism, liberalism, fascism, socialism, and communism are Godless but friendly religious tools to exploit along the way.


Family Under Attack

Far more evil is done by idealists than cruel people.*

American Marxists—idealists, zealots, and guilt-stressed anti-Americans—are currently hiding as liberals and progressives but dominating both political parties. They have three major goals in order to impose on the rest of us their political religion, Marxist Socialism.

They aim to destroy: (1) the concept of private property, (2) family as primary institution of social order, and (3) religion and religious worship. As we can see daily by critically looking behind the headlines, all three are under forceful attack through gradualism. Two steps forward, one step back, but only if absolutely necessary.

Marxists, however, learned from World War I that they can’t destroy a culture; they have to impose a new one on the old. The American effort got underway with the sexual and cultural revolutions of the 1960s.

Bit by bit American life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are being ground into socialist powder before our eyes. And both political parties are doing it.

*From Dennis Prager’s radio show, but I can’t recover the exact quote. Incidentally, every American should watch this video, which defines the American system and uniqueness in three easy terms:


Struggle for Dominance — #4

Conservatives believe that the poor today can, and that most will, pull themselves up and become much better off in few years. Pulling oneself up by the bootstraps worked better than elsewhere in the world. Until, that is, LBJs Great Society program made victims of the poor, transferred tax money to them, increased the need for more taxes, and thereby justified governmental growth and power aggrandizement. Pure and simple: Political power gained on the backs of the poor, because we still have the same poverty after trillions spent on their supposed ‘rescue’.

Liberals/Progressives operate the government as if the pool of poor is stagnant, and the swimmers can’t emerge by themselves. It justifies government and current power arrangements, and Liberals/Progressives continue to reshuffle the public’s income through greater taxation.


Struggle for Dominance — #3

Liberals/Progressives use taxing the rich as propaganda to buy votes from the masses.

Conservatives know this: Taxing the rich removes capital from the process by which employees provide a greater return to investors than other kinds of investments. The end result is that taxing the rich endangers the middle class and not just the workers either.


Behind Closed Door #16

Tax Kathy to pay Mary produces two results: You always have Mary’s vote, and she needn’t work to produce wealth that benefits society.

Kathy’s children do with less, so Mary’s can learn they only need to vote or work as community organizers, neither of which creates wealth. As wealth-production declines, the future dims for all women and children.


Forgotten Tradition #36

Our distinctly different founding from Europe caused American uniqueness, greatness, and evolutionary weakening of patriarchy. Judeo-Christian values freed women as never before. Several centuries saw women enlarge and expand their influence, and patriarchy even encouraged it.

Much feminist fuss is made about delay in women’s voting rights and other alleged patriarchal abuses. Their struggles won much more indirect influence over men than they did with newfound legal rights. Most men and women were married, and empathetic but non-activist wives seduced, brow beat, or otherwise persuaded husbands into shaping society more amenable to female wants. It worked well and expanded as American prosperity grew.

Tradeoffs and sharing of power became more and more common. By the mid-20th Century women dominated home and culture aka WHY people do what they do. Men dominated workplace and society aka WHAT people do.


Struggle for Dominance — #2

Liberals/Progressives believe in the promises of a society made perfect by and only through their good intentions.

Conservatives believe America to be the greatest nation, because its imperfect but stable political system frees up the economic and wealth-building energies of the people.


Struggle for Dominance — #1

Liberals/Progressives seek to impose a new order on American life. Conservatives seek to retain the traditional Judeo-Christian culture, our heritage from earlier days in America.

Liberals/Progressives fight for an ever-increasing, centralized, bureaucratized, unionized government and the power to rule from and with it. Conservatives seek to deny that.


Two Kinds of People—Set 8

Some people don’t worry about government growth until their life is disrupted by it.

Other people see that government expansion is easy by pitting the diverse interests of ethnic, racial, and political groups against one another. Each ‘victimized’ group appeals to government for relief, and this generates direct need for greater services and more tax money. Thus, constitutional limits to government power are effectively lifted.


Heads Up, Ladies

The world’s greatest culture for females is under attack for being the world’s greatest culture and wealthiest nation. The female-friendliest society that ever evolved, now lies naked and prone to be violated by progressives, liberals, fascists, socialists, communists, Marxists, environmentalists, secularists, globalists, humanists, welfare statists, Islamists, or whoever else on the Left wins dominance of the humongous governmental power now existing in Washington, DC.

Lawyers have captured and now steer the ship-of-state. However, as we have seen for years in the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court, every leftist ideology easily overpowers lawyerly professionalism. When dedication to oaths to support and defend the Constitution means little or nothing to lawyers, how can non-lawyers compete for power?

When the Constitution means little or nothing, and we’re getting there, women can expect to lose even more influence within cultural institutions: Home and family already mean little. Marriage means even less. Personal responsibility fades as desirable trait for men. Everyone escapes answering for their actions and inactions.

You’ve heard it here before: Men do whatever women require to have frequent and convenient access to sex. It may be time for females to reconsider past performance and guarantee future performance by keeping their legs crossed outside of marriage.

Sorry to be up front, blunt, and candid, ladies, but someone has to say it.


Two Kinds of People—Set 7

Some people value workers as essential to creating wealth so that everyone benefits. They are capitalists.

Others generate revolutionary power by playing so-called oppressed workers against the wealthier class. They are Marxists.


Behind Closed Door #15

Emerson said: “The world turns on hope.” It energizes everyone that has it. Unfortunately, far too many self-anointed elitists hope to tell the rest of us how to live.

When they convert their hope to government power, the rest of us pay a heavy price. Their self-interest lies with this rule of holding power: Never lose whatever power you have and gaining more is the best insurance.


Two Kinds of People—Set 6

Some people seek fairness over equality, because equality is so impossible to achieve. Men see it that way. And so do ardent individualists and constitutionalists aka conservatives, because it works better than all the other systems that have been tried.

Other people seek equality over fairness, because fairness seems less than perfect. Women see it that way. But then, so do politicians; it enables them to keep trying to produce Utopian outcomes.


Feminism Castrated

Feminism held the premise that male dominance makes gender equality impossible; that governmental, political, legal, and economic intervention could reverse it; and that women are deserving and capable of squeezing male dominance out of existence by criticizing men into submission with blame, shame, and a disrespectful name.

After four decades, has success emerged? Signs point to obsolescence.

Could it have something to do with factors long ignored by the feminists and followers?

  • What makes a man respond favorably to belittling him directly or indirectly?
  • If power is used to force men to please certain women, how does it keep them friendly toward the remainder of the female sex?
  • What does it do to natural male dominance when artificial female dominance is thrust into the masculine face?
  • The social construct of lady was destroyed, virginity was trashed, and other female virtues were sacrificed on the altar of freedom from men. And the effect on men was expected to be what?

No matriarchy has arisen in over 6000 years, but feminists thought they could overcome. In the end, the result has been greater male dominance reflected in the lack of personal responsibility, family dedication, and devotion to one female for life.


Forgotten Tradition #35

Until a half century ago American men respected the female gender more than the male gender, and American women respected the male gender more than the female. It developed from a single female induced value: abstinence without marriage. Not in reality but in spirit. The unmarried incidence of not yielding far, far, far outnumbered the give-ins. Our foremothers knew how to conduct themselves to earn max respect from forefathers, and masculine respect was returned to the female gender.

It paid off this way: A man’s love is based on respect for one woman, and respect for her gender tightens his love.


Forgotten Tradition #34

The Old Testament preached in Protestant churches of early America predominantly taught people how to structure interrelationships in society under a freedom-granting Constitution. The New Testament predominantly taught people how to live with themselves and others through Jesus Christ. Thus, our Judeo-Christian value system evolved.


Two Kinds of People—Set 5

Some people rate responsibilities as more important than rights. They take seriously and enjoy living up to something bigger or higher than themselves. Christ spoke often about responsibilities but not about rights.

Other people push for their rights but shun personal, domestic, and social responsibilities. Self-centeredness prevents living up to something bigger or higher than themselves, except for the Big Government that encourages and promotes their mindset.

Consequently, political battles today pit government against Christ. We see it in so many ways as officials demean and deny God and our Judeo-Christian heritage.


Two Kinds of People—Set 4

There’s a big difference in just feeling good and feeling good about ourselves. We strive for the former, but we’re really after the latter. It’s an individual thing, until it expands beyond Self. 

Some people feel good about themselves by minding their own business, and they are willing to fight to let others have the freedom.

Other people make themselves feel good about themselves by minding other people’s business and by imposing their will wherever they can. Government provides both haven and power that improve as government grows.


Liberty without Virtue?

Other religions don’t, but our Judeo-Christian culture empowers women. Its female-friendliness enabled our foremothers to dominate cultural values. They shaped society around virtues far beyond the sexual, and it uplifted the female gender as friendly and cooperative for males. The cultural result generated virtuous behavior in males. Husbands shaped society* with greater emphasis on personal responsibility for protecting and providing for one’s family.

That’s all changed. Modern women caved under political pressures. For more than four decades, virtue has been successfully attacked, and women willingly joined the fray. Men gained dominance over cultural values. Society now devalues virtue for virtue’s sake, integrity of personal character declines, and family responsibility slides into the pit called what-used-to-be.

Conditions worsen today, because liberty** is under attack. Without women dictating and demanding virtue for the sake of virtue, we could lose our freedom. Sorry to remind modern ladies, but responsibility to their families is broader than they think.

“A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue.”  (Daniel Webster, 1782-1852, a second generation founder)

Only women can recapture dominance of cultural values, and only the Judeo-Christian value system can empower them. But now, men and politically ambitious women attack religion for being God-centered.

On the macro scale ThePoliticalClass removes Ten Commandments from public view and prayer from public events. On the micro scale, companies ban display of personal beliefs. For example, yesterday’s news cited Home Depot firing an employee for wearing this badge: ‘One nation under God, indivisible’. He’d already worn it for over a year and a half.

How long will ladies wait to take back their culture-shaping role? If they don’t protect and defend our Judeo-Christian cultural value system, they will become ever more subservient under ever intensifying male dominance. Of the new religions flooding America today, are they female friendly?

* Society is what people do, and culture is why they do it.

** Liberty is our endowment from God as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. Freedom is our rights that spring from it guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.


Two Kinds of People—Set 4

Some people see liberty and freedom as God-given rights for everyone to enjoy.

Others don’t believe in God, and so liberty and freedom are Man-given for those that earn it.


Two Kinds of People—Set 3

Some people are motivated by seeing the sameness among humans and respecting differences. They want to generate and maintain a level playing field. Everybody is equally eligible and should compete equally to receive fair outcomes based on their ability, ambition, and personally identified opportunities.

Other people are motivated by focusing on the differences among humans. In the name of equalizing outcomes, they ignore sameness and provide advantage to some over others. Then they play groups against one another by promoting envy and jealousy. They constantly shift the playing field in order to promote disturbances that expand their roles in life.


Forgotten Tradition # 33

Daniel Webster was a second generation founder (1782-1852). He said:

“Miracles do not cluster. Hold on to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands — what has happened once in six thousand years may never happen again. Hold on to your Constitution, for if the American Constitution shall fail there will be anarchy throughout the world.”


Two Kinds of People—Set 2

Some people know that true democracy doesn’t work. A majority is capable of tyranny, and females are the first victims. Representative democracy, our republic, scatters and balances the power of majorities, because there is never just one majority.

Others tout true democracy, because it enables manipulation by politicians, media, advocates of change, and enemies of present arrangements within society and culture.   


Behind Closed Door #14

Faith knows no vacuum, so disbelief in God automatically generates other beliefs that flood the political world as ideologies.

Secularism displaces God-centered religion with godless religious beliefs such as humanism, environmentalism, socialism, elitism, globalism, statism, multiculturalism, liberalism, progressivism, communism, non-judgmentalism, relativism, feminism, et al. These beliefs energize advocates and supporters to shred our existing Judeo-Christian culture in order to impose their ideological values on others.

Stripped of our female-dominant Judeo-Christian value system and cultural heritage, women and children become less protected except by government and laws, and families become more unstable.


Behind Closed Door #13

Over the past fifty years America has been incrementally changed, and it now threatens our small ‘r’ republican form of government.  We’ve gone from government of, by, and for the people to government of the political class, by the bureaucrats, and for the lobbyists.

Before our propaganda-filled eyes, our nation is now being shifted to government of the radicals, by White House czars, and for the revolutionaries. A political coup is underway.

Americans are mostly unaware, and the complicit national media operations are virtually government-owned. Private industry shifts business practices to make sure they go with the winners, e.g., Goldman Sachs, GE, WalMart, Sprint, UPS, Clorox.

Tea Party patriots know what’s happening, and they need help from TheRestOfUs.


A Baker’s Dozen of Exceptions

Some things can’t co-exist. One stamps out the other, so they are mutually exclusive. Today, the second moves to topple the first in increments designed to keep the public guessing or unworried.

  1. Truth versus political correctness
  2. Capitalism versus fascism, socialism, or communism
  3. Constitutionalism versus “living constitution”
  4. Meritocracy versus Diversity
  5. Equal justice versus social justice
  6. Freedom versus government indoctrination of children
  7. Free Enterprise versus Globalism
  8. Individual rights versus un-American ‘religions’ such as humanism, liberalism, progressivism, environmentalism, globalism, fascism, communism, socialism
  9. Individualism versus ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’
  10. The Melting Pot and e pluribus unum versus Multiculturalism
  11. Private property rights versus religious environmentalism  
  12. In God We Trust versus secular humanism
  13. Individual freedom versus fascism, Marxism, socialism, communism


Motherhood Under Attack

Morality based on Judeo-Christian values serves females and mothers better than any other culture.Morality based on other gods or Rule of Man serves men first, their children second, and women last. Isn’t that a lesson of history?  

ThePoliticalClass now makes and propagandizes government-sponsored God-less religions out of secularism, humanism, environmentalism, fascism, socialism, and globalism. Because they disbelieve or disregard God, they can and are tearing down our Judeo-Christian culture.

As various factions compete for power within ThePoliticalClass, the process stamps out the freedom of mothers and females to determine cultural values that guide society. Male dominance increases, because male-friendly values stamp out female-friendly and constitutional values.

Balint Vazsonyi, the concert pianist raised in communist Hungary, said this in the preface to his book, America’s 30 Years War: “Whether the United States survives as the beacon it has been will depend on the willingness of Americans to contemplate anew the reasons for its success, and to make decisions accordingly.”

If you ladies are not watching the Glenn Beck show weekdays at 5pm ET, you should. You’ll be surprised at the large number of White House staff self-identified as radicals, revolutionaries, Marxists, and communists advising the president. And, get this, the WH does not deny it even though Glenn has a private hotline set up so they can tell him he’s wrong. But they never do.

Pollster Frank Luntz says Motherhood is more trusted than any other profession. Women can’t go wrong when they start this way: “As a mom….”

However, mothers and future moms beware. Female dominance of the Judeo-Christian culture now fades under the attack of anti-religious zealots in ThePoliticalClass.

As I quote Pericles at the top of this page: “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you!”


Forgotten Tradition #32

Early American settlers were predominantly Protestants that fled religious persecution. Consequently, neither the Catholic Church nor Church of England built hierarchies in the colonies that influenced, helped determine, or interfered with the provisions of the Declaration of Independence or U.S. Constitution. The political power of those churches came later.


Two Kinds of People —Set 1

Some people know that free market capitalism aka free enterprise encourages the building of wealth. Without constant infusions of new wealth, the economy slows, and the future dims for women and children.

Others believe in taxing the most productive and wealthiest people, because the former have flexibility, the latter have money. This means government holds for ransom the people most likely to create new wealth, which slows job creation and shrinks the middle class.


Feminine Made Obsolete

The Sexual and Cultural Revolutions were initiated in the 1960s by anti-American leftists of every shade. Political activists, power seekers, and drugged out reprobates questioned every American tradition and cultural value.

Huge numbers of baby boomers fell for the consequent sex and drug subculture. They helped water down cultural values and standards. Morality was promoted as relative to each situation and individual’s choice, and female-friendly principles yielded to less restrained masculinity and aggressiveness.

About the same time, leftists energized Women’s Liberation, converted it to Feminism, and convinced the female gender it was being used. Worst of all, mutual respect died as women got in men’s faces

Feminism supposedly would eliminate male dominance; anything matriarchal was preferred and propagandized. Feminism spread discontent and disrespect for the male gender. Women listened only to women. Free and easy unmarried sex bribed men into acceptance.

Man’s sin did not fuel Feminism. Leftist political activists did it. Man’s sin was accepting the bribery of cheap and easy sex that tears down the most fundamental institution of American freedom, the family unit.

Female dominance of home and cultural values wilted under the onslaught of male-friendly politics. Male dominance increased. Women let slide their feminine side, and female beauty lost its influence for taming, civilizing, and domesticating males—sad, sad days for Womanhood.


Forgotten Tradition # 31

Our Founding Fathers and the male nature base justice on fairness. Before they raise children, women want to base justice on equality. Motherhood teaches them that fairness can produce justice that equality cannot.

Justice through equality originated in Europe. Now, American politicians, jurists, and other power brokers try to base justice on equality. I say ‘try’, because equality is impossible to achieve.

Attempts to achieve equality highlight irreconcilable differences, and this poisons mutual courtesy and civility. But then, that’s what many in ThePoliticalClass strive to do: Keep constant pressure on the public to envy or hate ethnic and group differences. It provides government with greater responsibility to resolve squabbles induced by ThePoliticalClass.


Forgotten Tradition #30

Over the course of four centuries America grew into one majestic society to become the envy of the rest of the world. Everyone aspires to reside here. Why? Freedom, economic opportunity, and cultural tolerance head the list. We integrate foreigners without forcing them to give up their cultural or ethnic heritage.

If recent and future immigrants don’t adopt the American culture, however, we’ll all sink into something very un-American, very much like the rest of the world. With roots in Marxism, multiculturalism promotes that very thing.


Political Class Arrogance #12

It started in England a couple of centuries ago. The “greatest good for the greatest number” sounds like good social policy. However, the philosophy itself, Utilitarianism, justifies larger government, reduces individuals to pawns, elevates groups over individuals, contradicts meritocracy, and subverts the American spirit.


Forgotten Tradition #29

The parliamentary form of government gives clerics and church officials more immediate access to government. It also makes government more immediately responsive to public opinion.

Our Founding Fathers, over half of whom were seminary graduates, had no such pressure from any church or its hierarchy of ecclesiastics. So, they endowed the U.S. with a strong executive type of government, because it restricts church influence in government affairs and smoothes out public opinion turbulence.


Forgotten Tradition #28

Americanism is all about sustaining one unified and unifying culture built around three principles: liberty for all, in God we trust, and e pluribus unum (one out of many). Our Melting Pot heritage enables foreigners to adapt to and adopt these unique American spirits, and still retain their ethnic identity. Nowhere else is it possible.


Forgotten Tradition #27

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” John Adams 


Forgotten Tradition #26

Our Founding Fathers provided our uniqueness over two centuries ago. For the first time ever, man would govern himself with a constitution designed primarily to prevent tyrants rising to power.


Behind Closed Doors #12

Open borders make more people dependent on government. It justifies the need for bigger government and the need for more tax revenue. Anyone seeking greater power or to expand government favors open borders and amnesty for illegals.

Anyone that favors bigger government favors fewer freedoms for TheRestOfUs. We can’t protect and extend our individual self-interests, when someone else shapes the conditions under which we make our decisions.


Behind Closed Door #11

It’s not a zero-sum game, but it works this way: Every new policy, practice, procedure, law, regulation, propaganda, and bureaucratic influence that adds power to the government and ThePoliticalClass takes power, influence, and independence away from TheRestOfUs.

It can’t be recognized as tit for tat, but TheRestOfUs should accept on faith that whatever they get we lose.


Behind Closed Door #10

Government is always about power first, foremost, and forever—getting it, enhancing it, expanding it, bureaucratizing it to escape accountability, and everything else except giving power up or away.


Forgotten Tradition #25

Christian cultures in Europe were founded predominantly on the New Testament as promulgated by the Catholic Church before the printing press made the Holy Bible available to common folk. Our American Judeo-Christian Heritage arose from merging and marrying Old and New Testament concepts into our culture. Consequently, we have the world’s only Judeo-Christian culture and religious freedom-granting constitution, which makes America work so smoothly around religious matters.


Forgotten Tradition #24

People try to discredit our religious foundations. They discredit Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, and describe him as a deist and non-Christian. Yet, he started holding Protestant church services in the capitol building, and the practice continued for 70 years. He also said, “God grant that men of principle shall be our principal men.”


Who Rules? Us or Them?

When the Rule of Law fails, the Rule of Man takes over. We see it happening today.

Under the Rule of Law, we elect leaders according to principles, procedures, and laws previously laid out by representatives selected by the people. Our constitution is the world’s greatest example.

Rule of Law places a lid of reason and logic on the passions of Man, even the greatest or most popular. It helps balance conscience with what’s best for all.

Under the Rule of Man, leaders are chosen through manipulation of principles, procedures, and laws by the most politically agile, determined, powerful, and financially able. It puts no lid on passions but empowers ambitions, disdains conscience, and makes power the ultimate decision maker.

Rule of Man has no preventatives, and so it breeds violence for political reasons, contains anarchy with greater violence, and empowers the most ruthless to calm society with an iron fist.

As ThePoliticalClass weakens our constitution and America changes over the next few years, violence will signal the purposeful replacement of Rule of Law by the Rule of Man. Terrorism provides excuses for accelerating the shift away from government of, by, and for the people that Rule of Law ensures and Rule of Man takes away.


Political Class Arrogance #11

Elitists claim superiority in logic, reasoning, and judgment and anoint themselves to tell others how to live. Many are government executives and bureaucrats, and they spread disdain and disrespect for TheRestOfUs.

Two qualities identify them: They are full of good intentions for improving society, and they dodge accountability for mistakes that flow from overly zealous intentions.

Questing for more and greater power, elitists seek ever greater power to make a greater difference. They help integrate the many ideologies and beliefs that coalesce as ThePoliticalClass.


Forgotten Tradition #23

Protestants settled and founded the U.S. They peaceably accepted Catholicism, Judaism, and other religions and the Melting Pot function (U.S. motto: e pluribus unum) successfully integrated everyone into the Judeo-Christian culture.

It happened naturally and constitutionally, because we had no religious authorities highly influential in governmental affairs. Even though a majority of the Founding Fathers were educated in seminaries, they barred government from creating a national religion, and guaranteed the right of people to worship as they desired.


Forgotten Tradition #22

The United States has always been a republic aka representative democracy aka republicanism. The people rely on representatives to wield power on behalf of their constituents.

Government of, by, and for the people depends entirely on electing officials with trustworthy character plus courage and integrity to keep constituents’ interests above their own.



TheRestOfUs see political turmoil, but no one defines the terms about which we argue. Rather, we are flooded with discussions that confuse more than clarify. Let me simplify three that ThePoliticalClass particularly avoids talking about—fascism, socialism, and communism.

But first: Contrary to popular belief, fascism is left wing rather than right. Hitler formed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which we know as the Nazis of the Holocaust. Being on the left means fascism is connected and supports other leftist philosophies. In fact, it’s the first step in an evolutionary sequence.

And second: In the political world today, words and intentions are basically meaningless. TheRestOfUs should pay attention only to actions and outcomes, from which we all have sufficient deductive powers to figure out what motivates ThePoliticalClass

Fascism is government control of businesses. Fascism covers its own mistakes by spreading and controlling more and more of private industry. When control is insufficient to meet governmental objectives, ownership becomes necessary. Political pressures call for the next leftist step for centralizing power in government, socialism.

Socialism is government ownership of businesses. Socialism covers its own mistakes by gaining ownership of more businesses. Its mistakes adversely affect the whole economy, and this creates pressure to gain more control of the economy itself. This encourages evolving to the next leftist step for centralizing power in government, communism.

Communism is centralized control of the economy through government-owned businesses and prevention of interferences from private enterprise. Its mistakes so adversely harm the public that they rise to the edge of rebellion. This creates pressure to make dictatorial power more violent to teach lessons that suppress uprisings.

It all evolves in grayscale to TheRestOfUs, but it’s bold colors to ThePoliticalClass. We see their mistakes, but they always find ways to escape accountability through new tactics and greater power. They convert each crisis of their own making into opportunity for advancing their agendas.

I’ve made this appear to be an evolutionary process. However, in the real world of America today, all three –isms are very active inside ThePoliticalClass as attitudes, processes, movements, ideologies, legal maneuvers, and sometimes all of them.

NOTE: If you want the clearest political picture of what’s happening to America today, I recommend all of Glenn Beck’s books or his show on FoxNews weekdays at 5pm ET with a Saturday pm repeat. He’s the only one I’ve seen that has it all together and is willing to expose it publicly. 



Forgotten Tradition #21

Liberty is our right; freedom is the exercise of it. Our founding documents claim liberty comes from God, from Natural Law that makes liberty unbreakable for Man and tries to make it unbreakable by Man.

Disbelievers in God—secularists, humanists, communists—have no obligation to sustain such liberty. It’s one reason Ronald Reagan said, “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under GOD, then we will be a nation gone under.”


When Popularity Motivates

We watch growing children become motivated by popularity. We see how those fixated on popularity ignore or abandon principles that shape character and earn admiration.

We watch members of the U.S. Senate elected by popular ballot take backroom politics to new heights of cronyism, corruption, economic breakdown, and undermining of state’s rights.

Voter popularity determines each senator’s future, and they play to it. They can disregard state politics and interests, as long as they can remain popular to a majority. This enables them to ignore principles that require character and personal integrity—children in suits.

But we elect them. The Founding Fathers and earlier Americans knew that good and trustworthy character should be the ultimate trait of office holders. We lost that wisdom, and we now watch as American greatness crumbles.     


Forgotten Tradition #20

European political philosophies are built on equality and achieving the common good with Rule of Man trying to accomplish it. Equality is impossible to achieve, and the common good forces the stereotyping of individuals to match their groups’ political power.

American political philosophy is built on the Rule of Law enabling individuals to enjoy liberty, which is the common good. 


Political Class Arrogance #10

The ‘greatest good for the greatest number’ sounds like good social policy. However, ThePoliticalClass uses it to justify redistribution of wealth, which requires big and bigger government, which endows ThePoliticalClass with great and greater power.


Forgotten Tradition #19

Federalism defers some power to the central government, but retains self-government at state and local levels—closer to the people. It prevents the growth by and shifting of power to the federal government. Not any more.

Unfortunately for us, Federalism in 1913 received an injection of political cancer.* It’s now on life-support, and government of, by, and for the people undergoes a consequent death. We know this happens, because federal government officials so easily get away with disrespecting, ignoring, and overpowering public sentiment and reserving to themselves the right to define and describe the public interest.

ThePoliticalClass now rules TheRestOfUs, and the live action shifts to the former. Watch the internal squabbles and power grabs within ThePoliticalClass that will determine what oligarchs rise to the top. With TheRestOfUs removed from the power equations, the elite will fight among themselves.   

America as we know it already turns toward what millions around the globe will easily recognize. Our prosperity, whatever it is and isn’t, depends on government. Our destiny lies in someone else’s hands.

* See article below titled: The Birth of BIG and BIGGER Government.


Forgotten Tradition #18

Females and European tradition favor equality over fairness. Males and American tradition favor fairness over equality. Fairness can be achieved, equality cannot. One is practical and the other theory.


Forgotten Tradition #17

Without liberty we have no capitalism. Without capitalism we have little prosperity. Compare Cuba to the U.S.

The greatest blessing of liberty: Each person’s exclusive right to use their property, ability, and drive to build prosperity that spreads to all. As JFK said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Phrased more politically, Winston Churchill said, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal distribution of blessings. The inherent vice of socialism is the equal distribution of misery.”


Behind Closed Door #9

Multiculturalists claim the values of all cultures are legitimate and, therefore, all cultures are equally worthy. To them it’s neither fair nor equal to compare the intellectual, educational, or technological advancements of one to another, such as rain forest natives to the U.S. culture.

It all suggests the multicultural movement has hidden agendas.


Forgotten Tradition #16

From what did American greatness rise: government policy or individual merit?


Hidden Agendas III

Powerful politicians are individually an irresistible force and immovable object regardless of appearances to the contrary. Pressure, especially the dignity saving kind, is the grease that allows both to yield just enough to balance their self-interests. That’s why politics is called the art of the possible.

  • In the legislative world, loyalty doesn’t always have to dominate. Sometimes the public interest can be served. As when leaders have enough votes on a bill, and ‘release’ representatives to vote the interest of their conscience or constituents.
  • If public pressure heats up, but the public interest does not match the party’s interest, then party leaders and followers generate new terms, definitions, and priorities until alignment occurs between party and public.
  • If lobbying pressure heats up, legislators have little choice but to favor lobbyhing intersts over constituent interests. Why? Campaign money recruits legislative leaders first, and they apply pressure downward against diverse constituent pressures.
  • The more that legislative leaders are ideologues, the more biased and determined is their party against the public.
  • Party leaders grant temporary bits of power, for example to introduce a bill or speak on the floor, in exchange for loyalty to the leaders, who also cut deals with leaders of the other party.
  • Party leader loyalty to others in the party is directly proportional to the value the others can add to the leaders’ influence.
  • For legislators beneath the leadership structure, the more important something is to them for legislative approval in committee or on the floor, the higher the price they must pay in loyalty, support, and party discipline.

Bills move through the legislative process according to merit and timeliness they add for protection or betterment of party leadership and power. That defines ‘the art of the possible’.


Hidden Agendas II

Legislators are deliberately organized to share power using carrot and stick! They keep the process, the real deal making, behind closed doors and hidden from the public. As cited before, it’s not the type of interaction that appeals to the everyday female nature.

  • A legislator’s predictability is hugely valuable to party leaders in the legislature. The carrot and stick are used to build and sustain it as loyalty.
  • Loyalty goes to legislative leaders more than party, party within the legislature more than party leaders outside, and the party interests more than public interests.
  • Legislatures function this way: One’s conscience is subject to overrule by party leadership. Power, perquisites, and other rewards go to those loyal to party leadership. Legislators are marginalized if they can’t be counted on to vote as leaders insist.
  • Legislative bodies play a vicious power game, far more vicious than women like. The first rule is to not lose whatever power one has. The second rule is that the best prevention of power loss is the gain more power. Ergo, existing power married with ambition and talent rises to the top.
  • You say: This ain’t right! But it is right and natural, if voters don’t value virtuous character above all else. Our founders preached that from day one, but our leaders steered us astray after 1913, as described below in the item The Birth of BIG and BIGGER Government.

The carrot and stick approach works precisely because it all takes place out of public views.


Hidden Agendas

Most women don’t care to get involved in the political fray, and with good reason. They have to learn to play the man’s power game, or they fail.

Politicians function primarily out of public view. Someone once said, You don’t want to see politics and sausage made. Women, by nature, when dealing with other people’s lives, don’t like to be secretive, apparently unfeeling, or operate from hidden agendas. Politicians function within this model value system:

  • Politicians never give something for nothing, and always get something for something. Otherwise they don’t deal, unless outsmarted by more experienced deal makers or out-pressured by party leaders. 
  • The political process revolves around favors, promises, and obligations aka ‘markers’ to get something done.  
  • Accommodation is better than loss of influence, compromise is better than putting up with embarrassing pressures, and almost anything is better than being proved wrong.

It’s why politicians primarily keep the real political process away from the public eye. What the public sees is neither how nor what happens behind the scenes. Women prefer more openness.


Behind Closed Door #8

What causes bureaucratic inefficiency? It’s simple: Human nature exploits its weaknesses and shrivels its strengths.

The primary purpose of every organization sooner or later becomes self-preservation. Bureaucracy drives that bus, and TheRestOfUs get thrown underneath.


Political Class Arrogance #9

Bureaucrats avoid, nullify, and even kill common sense by imposing policies, procedures, and regulations that stretch laws to the limit. Political correctioneers do the same with truth. Fascists do the same but with iron fists that stretch laws beyond legislated limits. 


Uprooting a Religion

All religions are male-dominant. America’s Judeo-Christian culture used to be female dominant and remains friendlier than any religion. But the dominance dies and the friendliness wanes rapidly.

Anti-Christian members of ThePoliticalClass attack the Judeo-Christian heritage. They tear down cultural values that uplift females and protect the family institution as society’s foundation.

This reduces the influence of females, which weakens mothers’ influence for raising future generations to respect, protect, and honor female values.

ThePoliticalClass seeks to unseat Christianity as most popular religion in America. They prioritize their interests around various ideologies such as secular-humanism, environmentalism, fascism, socialism, globalism, and a few other –isms. They promote their political interests with religious fervor.

Why should we think ideologies pursued with religious fervor won’t gravitate into greater male dominance? Each ideology functions both independently and as coalition partner to maximize its influence and influence across society. None follow principles that prevent buildup of excess power; they all pursue strategies to maximize political influence.

Being more competitive than females by nature, men pursue and amass power as if an aphrodisiac. When pursuit is unrestricted, the drive for unlimited power escalates. The best competitor rises to the top and then seeks dictatorial power. It’s a force of Nature that always works against women and children, because they lack the competitive drive of men.

Using today’s social disputes, ThePoliticalClass warriors increase the males’ dominant nature with religious fervor born of politics. So, how do women win?


Long Live the Electoral College

The majority is capable of tyranny. Ask any minority group.

As Jefferson said, “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” The Founding Fathers rejected pure democracy.

They gave us representative democracy, and erected constitutional barriers to prevent the emergence of tyranny aka oppressive government. They knew tyranny eventually arises unless prevented by political force. Consequently, they used power balancing principles that distribute power among all Americans. Individual merit honoring constitutional principles does the rest.  

The president represents people through state-level politics, because he’s elected by the Electoral College. State legislators were represented by senators until 1913, when legislatures lost representation in Congress (see next article down). Representatives in the House wield power on behalf of their constituents, the People.

Now, just imagine the god-awful centralizing of power to the government and mainstream media, if we shifted to the popular vote for the presidency. The majority automatically sides with the government and president, because they elected him or her. This leaves little or no power for state objection, minority dissent, or congressional disagreement simply because of the immense power added to the bully pulpit. This means the president on single issues need only concern himself theoretically with 51% of the 51% majority to shape public opinion and push his agenda. That’s barely one-quarter of the people. Democratic?

Eliminate the Electoral College and another power-balancing principle so deliberately pursued by the authors of our constitution goes down the drain. As we let ThePoliticalClass unbalance our power structures, we move into deeper tyranny than we already have. (No tyranny? Ask people who’ve lost property to wetland regulation, or farmers who can’t irrigate because a smelt rates federal protection, or oil drillers not allowed to drill where the oil is.)

The Electoral College directly helps protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, because it checks the growth of power. ThePoliticalClass wants to get rid of it, because it restricts the growth of their power over TheRestOfUs


The Birth of BIG and BIGGER Government

ThePoliticalClass has been enlarging the federal government for over a century. In 1913 they disturbed constitutional power balancing principles, and it now empowers them over TheRestOfUs.

To understand how and what happened, we must visit the first rule of politics. Politicians never give or do something for nothing. They trade off for mutual satisfaction. They give or go along in order to get and have others go along. They trade favors.

Their quid pro quo is seldom revealed to the public. I leave to your imagination how spongy political arrangements can be for identifying, avoiding, or hiding the immoral, unethical, and illegal.

Three major happenings in 1913 changed the course of American power relationships. Note the three-way mutual build up of power.

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution authorized the income tax. The House of Representatives initiates all tax bills, so its power potential grew immensely with both tax increases and economic growth. It led to unlimited taxation (marginal rate was once 90%) and unequal taxation to redistribute wealth according to politicians’ needs.

The 17th Amendment stopped appointment of senators by state legislatures in favor of statewide popular vote. Senators became free of supervision by state authorities and won easier reelection through the virtues of incumbency. It led to the old boys club we see today.

The Federal Reserve was created as virtual United States Bank. (Our forefathers tried it in early 1800s but refused to renew its charter.)  Bankers got control of monetary policy, which means control of the money in circulation, value of the dollar, and much more. We can thank the FED for both the Great Depression of the 1930s and recent bank industry bailouts with taxpayer money.

It takes virtuous character to avoid sleight of hand with other people’s money. The House got money, senators won their unsupervised job to approve tax bills, and the financial industry won control of the money.

As Gerald Ford said: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.” The events of 1913 have enabled government to become big enough to be oppressive, which is tyranny, which our Founding Fathers sought to prevent above all else.  


Forgotten Tradition #15

The Founding Fathers personally experienced unlimited power and the consequent tyranny of monarchs. They predominantly feared tyranny by the central government, which they created of necessity to unify but not dominate the states. So, they established the Electoral College as another institution to balance power among the states and against the federal government.

If the Electoral College is eliminated and the president elected by popular vote, state and local influence will become nationally meaningless. Popularity generated through mainstream media will dominate elections and further centralize power away from states, local governments, and the people and their congressional reps.

Centralizing power away from states and the people was done in 1913 with the 17th Amendment. It’s coming up in a day or two.


Forgotten Tradition #14

JFK said: A rising tide lifts all boats. Adam Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations that the Hidden Hand of free enterprise builds and spreads wealth to everyone. Free market capitalism generates trickle-down economics, and it works for one reason: Merit rises to the top to make each generation more efficient and effective at competing and cooperating as appropriate for progress.


Political Class Arrogance #8

Whether in company or country, diversity imposed as policy stamps out meritocracy.


Forgotten Tradition #13

Capitalism provides social mobility to everyone under it. No other system enables people to move from poverty to millionaire, or settle at a lesser point, or go broke again and still recover. It’s the ultimate freedom.


Playing the Race and Other Cards

Some things are mutually exclusive; they can’t coexist without turmoil or worse until one wipes out the other. For example, political correctness succeeds only by crowding out the truth. Also:

Multiculturalism is the direct opposite of original-intent constitutional Americanism, and one is bound to die. ThePoliticalClass belittles, weakens, and rapidly erases the multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-cultural values enabled by the constitution and institutionalized into the American culture.

Multiculturalism and Americanism will coexist only until the coalition of religion-like -isms on the left (liberalism, globalism, environmentalism, and others) complete their government takeover from constitutionalists on the right.

The American Melting Pot and our motto e pluribus unum have been made obsolete by decades of multicultural propaganda. Someday soon Americans will find their nation governed by oligarchs. Instead of validating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the feds will have to suppress turmoil generated by powerful ethnic groups squabbling and eventually battling for supremacy.

America will become like the Balkans, when African-American, Hispanic, Muslim, and Christian vitriol promoted by the left turns to violence. Here for example is the Balkan pot that still can’t melt: Bosnians, Croats, Serbs, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Slovaks, and Albanians.

Look elsewhere in history and the world to forecast the future: It takes a dictator to resolve such competition into peace. America was the ‘dictator’ in what came out of the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Peace will evaporate there as American power weakens and in the U.S. as multiculturalism strengthens here.  Our constitution as originally conceived is the American ‘faux dictator’ that enables internal peace.


Political Class Arrogance #7

This is not original, but it clearly reflects the stupidity attributed to TheRestOfUs and the duplicity of ThePoliticalClass:

“Taxing obesity will end it! Taxing prosperity will increase it!

[Quoted from the Mallard Fillmore cartoon by Bruce Tinsley in Dallas Morning News comics on 9/6/2009.]


What’s Happening in America?

ThePoliticalClass divides and politically conquers TheRestOfUs by keeping us focused on their agenda. With media help, they keep everyone concerned, focused, and disputing right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, Democrat vs. Republican, liberal vs. conservative, prejudice vs. equality, abortion vs. life, big vs. little government, socialism vs. capitalism, democracy vs. representative democracy, Electoral College vs. popular voting, property rights vs. redistribution of wealth, spending vs. more spending, illegals vs. citizens, health care vs. medical care, and racism, globalism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, diversity, and global warming. They want us to ignore who wields power, makes changes, and turns America from the traditional path of a republic aka representative democracy.

It’s all designed to keep TheRestOfUs ignorant of what’s really happening and keep us from working together. Behind the scenes of political activity we see today, the national boat chugs right along to centralize power in the most powerful oligarchs in ThePoliticalClass

While TheRestOfUs argue among ourselves, ThePoliticalClass with support of mainstream media orchestrates whatever changes are possible in the American system of governance that further empowers them against TheRestOfUs. It works through incrementalism, and it’s drastically changing America into something for which TheRestOfUs would never vote.   

Lest women forget: Religions and morality primarily serve women and their children. ThePoliticalClass continues to impose a secular society on TheRestOfUs. How will females, mothers, and children fare when the Ten Commandments and similar American values no longer guide the men in their lives and in public? Will self-centered masculine good intentions be good enough?


Behind Closed Door #7

When sanctity of life comes from God, it becomes inviolable by the state. Disbelief in God, however, enables secularists to value human life at some lower level such as abortion, euthanasia, and rationing of health care.


Political Class Arrogance #6

ThePoliticalClass tells TheRestOfUs that religion must be kept out of government. But the government gets directly involved and destroys the religious expressions and symbols of the Christian religion—but no others—and chips away at the moral foundations of TheRestOfUs.


Forgotten Tradition #12

The Declaration of Independence proclaims the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” as the source of all rights to both life and liberty. In his Farewell Address George Washington said, “And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.”

However, those people who don’t believe in God have little interest in protecting God-given rights. Among our representatives, their political power escalates, when they can convert human rights into Man-given privileges and replace moral convictions with re-election success.

The decline of morality accelerates as ThePoliticalClass weakens our Judeo-Christian culture for the sake of greater power over TheRestOfUs


Forgotten Tradition #11

The roots of our constitutional system trace back through two millennia of political thought. The Constitutional Convention started with many ideas for setting up a government. One state’s plan called for three executives. Another called for only one legislative body. They finally unified around a system that would best prevent the buildup of too much power and the certain tyranny that would follow.

John Adams of Massachusetts espoused a concept with roots back to the Greek historian Polybius before Christ and Montesquieu in the 1700s. Adams ‘converted’ the Founding Fathers to create three separate branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, with powers also separated and balanced between two houses of Congress.

While separate and constitutionally equal, each branch has implied responsibility to supervise the others and prevent or counter the inordinate build up of power. Consequently, short-term imbalances balance out over time.


Behind Closed Door #6

We should never trust what otherstell us motivates them. Not that they’re wrong or deceptive, although that could be, but we never get the whole story behind why they do something.  No one discloses what’s totally behind their personal motivations, least of all power brokers and influence seekers in the ThePoliticalClass.


Forgotten Tradition #10

“A nation not under God is a nation gone under.” (Ronald Reagan)

The 13 colonies were settled by Protestants of many denominations. They fled Europe seeking religious freedom. No strong hierarchy of church officials came with them. The Founding Fathers were enshrouded with denominational influence, and they built upon Christian values.

They kept religion out of government and constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom. And so, as Catholics and Jews arrived, society evolved into our Judeo-Christian culture.


Forgotten Tradition #9

“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” (James Bovard)

America is something more. We have a representative democracy also known as a republic, and early Americans referred to it as republicanism.  

When asked what the Constitutional Convention had created, Ben Franklin responded to a lady’s question with “A republic if you can keep it.”


Forgotten Tradition #8

Our Founding Fathers “distinguished between equal rights and other areas where equality is impossible. They recognized that society should seek to provide equal opportunity but not expect equal results; provide equal freedom but not expect equal capacity; provide equal rights but not equal possessions; provide equal protection but not equal status; provide equal educational opportunities but not equal grades.” [Source: The 5000 YEAR LEAP by W. Cleon Skousen, p. 112.]


Forgotten Tradition #7

“In a democracy the people meet and exercise the government in person; in a republic they assemble and administer it by their representatives and agents. A democracy, consequently, must be confined to a small spot. A republic may be extended over a large region.” (James Madison in Federalist Papers, No. 14)


Forgotten Tradition #06

America was founded on Natural Law, defined as the order of things that God imposes on the universe. Thus, Natural Law is universal, eternal, and unchangeable by Mankind. Without it, nothing higher than human reason restrains human passions, and reason always bows to superior power.


Political Class Arrogance #5

Power brokers in ThePoliticalClass that don’t believe in God have little interest and see no binding reason to support and preserve our God-given life and liberty. They claim we have a “living” constitution, because it legitimizes and enables change without going through the constitutional amendment process. This enables ThePoliticalClass to change society to their vision by replacing God-given rights with Man-given privileges.

For TheRestOfUs Man-given privileges foretell of females as the underclass, as we see elsewhere in the world. Consequently, as we allow our constitution to become the “living” kind, the female role becomes more puppet-like to male domination.


Forgotten Tradition #5

Christians compete and do battle over denominational differences. The clergy compete for followers, adherents, and loyalists for church or denomination. It prevents unifying, when the Christianity is challenged or under attack by others.

Operating in background mode, however, Christian women spread love, forgiveness, and goodness. They lead by example and indirectly endorse the faith above church doctrine. While the men divide the Christian community over dogma and doctrine, women unify around female-friendly values that override denominational beliefs.

Our foremothers’ unifying spirit thus reshaped highly religious America into our female-centered Judeo-Christian culture. Today, that culture is under attack, and Christian women need to rise to the occasion.  


Behind Closed Doors #5

Medical care is all about doctors, hospitals, and insurance, and what others do to and for me. Health care is all about my responsibility to care for my body and includes the freedom to do so without intervention by the uninvited. Preventive care is a matter of education, discussion with my doctors, and self-discipline.

Government ought not to have any right in my health and preventive care issues. As to medical care, government should only regulate what private industry provides. Depart from these and socialism expands.

You can examine socialism in action by investigating the medical and health care currently provided by the federal government to veterans through the VA and Native Americans on reservations. Rationed care already exists.  


Political Class Arrogance #4

Power of ThePoliticalClass comes from coalitions and intermixing political groups each with its own agenda and secular religion. Globalists, multiculturalists, environmentalists, socialists, communists, secular humanists, progressives, and whoever else can induce government to act in their behalf. They have this in common: Their religions are godless, and they’re self-anointed to tell the TheRestOfUs how to live.


Forgotten Tradition #4

The Constitutional Congress met in 1787. For the first six weeks they argued, wrangled, and accomplished nothing. They took three days off for prayer, reconvened, and produced the greatest political document in human history in five weeks.

P.S. This is a repeat post for which I found a new home.


Behind Closed Door #4

It’s all about incrementally changing the U.S. into something else. American sovereignty, political independence, and #1 world power status are under attack from within.

ThePoliticalClass continues laying foundations for a North American alliance/union or something similar. NAFTA* and CAFTA* opened economic doors. Open borders allow the populations to merge and integrate with no more than public displeasure.

This pushes three governments—as if unplanned—to negotiate and find common political principles to unite North America like the European Union. Financial integration will complete the deal.

*(North American Free Trade Association and Central American Free Trade Association.)


Political Class Arrogance #3

ThePoliticalClass assumes a superior inequality to which they are not endowed by the constitution. Anointing themselves as qualified to produce societal results, they make Utopian promises, but never answer for the lack of or difference in results. (For example: Medicare costs over ten times original estimates promised; Social Security was promised as a trust fund earning interest, but since the Sixties revenue has gone into the general fund and SocSec payments now must be paid from current taxes.)


Forgotten Tradition #3:

More than half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were seminary graduates.

P.S. This is a repeat post for which I found a new home.



Behind Closed Door #3

 “Higher taxes” means everyone will be victimized. Some will lose more of their money. Some will be isolated for the next round of increases, envy and equality, you know. Some will lose power, because the government grows with higher taxes. Some will be identified, misinformed, and energized to ignorantly vote for incumbents. Some will have more regulations imposed on them, simply because more bureaucrats have to do something. Higher taxes serve ThePoliticalClass first and TheRestOfUs second or never.



Political Class Arrogance #2

 ThePoliticalClass forms coalitions around this single theme: Only government can advance the agenda of member interest groups—e.g., liberals, globalists, progressives, multiculturalists. The bigger the federal government is, the more powerful and competitive each member group becomes. The compound growth of ThePoliticalClass thus becomes tyrannical.

TheRestOfUs favor smaller federal government in particular as protection against tyranny. Why tyranny? It’s the exercise of oppressive power against individual liberty, income, and rights, and local and state governments. It’s how TheRestOfUs ‘feel the heat’ of government grown too big.



Forgotten Tradition #2

The Founding Fathers established a government of, by, and for the people. They purposely were NOT telling people how to live, but building the political environment in which people could do what’s best for their own self-interest.

P.S. This is a repeat post for which I found a new home.



 Behind Closed Door #2

Two classes matter the most in American society: ThePoliticalClass and TheRestOfUs. Competition for power is a human drive, and the political class aggrandizes and centralizes power in itself, and power concentration takes freedom from TheRestOfUs.

It leaves TheRestOfUs divided and battling ethnically, racially, socially, culturally, morally, by gender, by age, and however else the political class can divide and diversify society. This keeps the rest of us occupied with emotional issues and each other, which in turn keeps us away from supervising our elected representatives who should be supervising the others in government.



Political Class Arrogance #1

 ThePoliticalClass holds a worldview that “… places human reason at the center of our existence, claiming that certain people are capable of comprehending, adjudicating, and arranging the world around us; and that such people are called upon to guide all others toward an increasingly perfect and just world in which all desires will have been either eliminated or satisfied.”*

TheRestOfUs hold a worldview that reflects the spirit behind the writing and heritage of the U.S. Constitution: “…human ability to comprehend, adjudicate, and arrange the world around us is limited; that the only attainable goal is continuously to improve the conditions which enable individuals to achieve their personal best.”*

*Source: Balint Vazsonyi, America’s 30 Years War, Regnery Publishing, Inc. 1998, p. 106



Forgotten Tradition #1

This nation was founded by Protestants of many denominations. They competed for influence, but none ruled in the framing of our constitutional government. The Founding Fathers, absent political pressure from one religion, were able to keep religion out of government and provide rights to religious freedom.

P.S. This is a repeat post for which I found a new home.



Behind Closed Door #1

Being primarily a self-serving institution, the federal government is continuous motion. Consequently, Newton’s third law applies with an exception noted in capitals: “For every action there is an UNequal and opposite reaction.”



STANDBY FOR CHANGE — Posted 8/10/09

If not conspiracies, then what? The political strategies, themes, and movements shown on the left below have been developed to destroy American values on the right. It’s all done incrementally and peaceably, so we won’t know what’s happening until it’s over: [Regrettable, but I’m unable to control the fonts and line spacing as desired.]

“Living” Constitution Individual rights, especially the Bill of Rights   
Secular Humanism In God We Trust and laws based on God-given right to life and liberty.    
Multiculturalism The Melting Pot concept and the American motto e pluribus unum    
Globalism American-style Free Enterprise and free market capitalism as we know it.    
Environmentalism Private property rights, which are the ultimate privilege of free people.    
National popular vote for the presidency Electoral College that keeps power decentralized and distributed locally and by state.    
Higher taxes and bigger government Less power in hands of the populace; protection against tyranny    
Diversity Meritocracy    
Bigger Government Shifting of government of, by, and for the people toward government of the political class, by bureaucrats, and for lobbyists.    
Open borders aka illegal immigration (1) Judeo-Christian cultural uniqueness.(2) Individual responsibility for one’s own life.(3) American political independence and #1 world power.    



As women go, so goes society. Propagandized to drop their allegiance to femininity and Womanhood, women are being used for political advantage and radical objectives.

Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves. Into that vacuum steps ideological radicals, activists, and busybodies with personal missions to change the rest of us.


They assassinate our culture by spreading viruses that attack moral standards, family stability, and religious beliefs. They rape our society with ideologies that penetrate our goodwill, balkanize our ethnic differences, and shatter our national cohesiveness. They impose their vision of what America should be on the rest of us:


·         Government has the greatest potential to change values, so these cultural assassins seek to capture control of it.

·         Their primary mission undercuts a first principle of our Judeo-Christian heritage: Government protects the individual, and individuals working together produce the common good—e pluribus unum.

·         Their strategy works like this: They imagine and fantasize what exists. Then they act as if it’s true, come to believe it, and impose their consequent beliefs with religious fervor on the rest of us.

·         Assassins promote the common good at the expense of the individual. Polarizing ethnic groups, for example, enables recruitment of groups instead of individuals to their cause.

·         Assassins refuse to elevate themselves to cultural standards. Their ideologies conflict with society, which they can’t change directly. So, they inflict and exploit hot issues such as sexism, racism, and multiculturalism. This changes the values that guide human behavior in society.  

·         Whatever exists must be changed in their minds. Tradition is labeled as poison, so assassins ignore wisdom except their own brand.

·         Assassins disrespect people that don’t buy into their ideology. So, they use the politics of personal destruction to handle the toughest opponents.

·         Assassins anoint themselves as the elite with all the ‘right answers’. No need for them to change. Double standards abound.

·         Some refuse to clean up and make themselves respectable and presentable; they demand recognition and respect without earning it.

·         Assassins can’t compete with their ideas, so they depend upon lies, deceit, violence, and, for example, eco-terrorism.


Americans don’t have to accept the visions and values of these assassins. We still have the freedom to fight back.






The Americanized Judeo-Christian worldview holds that women are deserving, free, and capable of turning natural male dominance to female advantage; that natural female strengths identify and dignify separate but equal roles for males and females, husbands and wives, parents and children.

Women thus breed family health and togetherness, spawn unconditional and equality-seeking respect between the sexes, and capitalize on the benefits of living up to something or someone bigger than Self.  

Feminine strengths such as mystique, modesty, morality, monogamy, and mothering combine to make women unique and sometimes extraordinary in the eyes of males. Such femininity morphs naturally into a philosophy of attractiveness for men, creed of faithfulness with men, and gospel of devotion to one man.

Femininity’s inherent virtue civilizes males, domesticates men, balances male dominance, suppresses male aggressiveness, inspires men to prove their worthiness, and rewards men for acting responsibly as both husband and father.—————————-

If women don’t want to ‘pressure’ men into these roles with femininity, they can keep men as Feminism has made them. 



The humanist view of the world places man in the role of God.

The secularist view of the world displaces God-centered religion with godless religious beliefs such as humanism, environmentalism, socialism, multiculturalism, elitism, liberalism, globalism, non-judgmentalism, moral relativism, and Feminism.  

The feminist view of the world holds that male dominance makes gender equality impossible; that governmental, political, and economic intervention are required to compensate; that women are deserving and capable of squeezing male dominance out of existence by criticizing men into submission with blame, shame, and name.

These postmodern beliefs rock females with unintended consequences:

·        Humanism enhances male dominance except as good intentions cause men to let females have their way.

·        Secularism pits interest groups competing and working toward things that others don’t want or care about.

·        Feminism has become the philosophy of envy of men, the creed of anger at men, and the gospel of politics in relationships. Its inherent virtue equalizes unhappiness among women seeking or living with a man.

Thus, Womanhood faces social and domestic conditions that favor males to the exception of females.

“Higher taxes” means everyone will be victimized. Some will lose more of their money. Some will be isolated for the next round of increases, envy and equality, you know. Some will lose power, because the government grows with higher taxes. Some will be identified, misinformed, and energized to ignorantly vote for incumbents. Some will have more regulations imposed on them, simply because more bureaucrats have to do something. Higher taxes serve ThePoliticalClass first and TheRestOfUs second or never. [8/18/09]

More than half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were seminary graduates. [8/17/09]



15 responses to “Alarm Bells

  1. Princess Rita


    What about women who say that in times past women were demeaned and treated badly. How prevalent was “wife beating” and other such abuse in say, the first half of our century?

    I love your site and I’m not challenging you but I’m trying to get a true understanding of what may have caused the feminist movement.

    I was born in 1965 and my parents had a traditional marriage although my mom did work outside the home for many years. It was traditional in that she deferred to my father and rarely challenged anything he said or did. In my teen years I thought she was a fool to behave this way. I was raised on Oprah and Cosmo magazines and I vowed I would never be in that kind of relationship. Honestly, my Dad was a bit tyrannical and I felt my mom helped perpetuate that attitude in him by never speaking up.

    Tyranny or not, Mom and Dad stayed married for over 40 years until Dad passed away a few months ago. They had a deep and abiding love, while I on the other hand, with my modern thinking, had a lousy marriage, divorced after 11 years and still have trouble in romantic relationships.

    So I guess my question is, is it possible that men went overboard with their control of women and women just rebelled? I wouldn’t have lasted a year married to someone like my Dad. Perhaps my family’s case is different but I’m not so sure it is.

    I know your site is about women but I wonder if men had some part in the rise of feminism, just as Adam and Eve shared responsibility for eating “the apple”.

    Your Prettiness Princess Rita,

    “What about women who say that in times past women were demeaned and treated badly. How prevalent was “wife beating” and other such abuse in say, the first half of our century?”

    Much less prevalent than today, people had greater unconditional respect for one another. Opposite of today, both sexes unconditionally respected the opposite sex more than their own. The Melting Pot encouraged and enabled naturally and religiously different subcultures to cooperate rather than compete. Today, they are played against one another for political purposes. Hatreds are purposely stirred and spread, which justifies greater government involvement in our lives. (Pardon the excursion into politics, but it’s relevant to your next statement.)

    “… I’m trying to get a true understanding of what may have caused the feminist movement.”

    See upcoming post entitled “Response to Viewer—Item 13”

    “It was traditional in that she deferred to my father and rarely challenged anything he said or did.”

    Your mother and father negotiated privately to make up whatever you saw of their relationship. His impact on her and her impact on him were not the same as you saw. Parents in those days concealed parental disagreement. You weren’t privy to how they previously and continually traded off and adjusted and were yet satisfied enough to stay together. You were conditioned by outsiders to look for internal family faults, such as happened after you passed puberty, when kids look outside the home for new values to grow on.

    “In my teen years I thought she was a fool to behave this way. I was raised on Oprah and Cosmo magazines and I vowed I would never be in that kind of relationship. Honestly, my Dad was a bit tyrannical and I felt my mom helped perpetuate that attitude in him by never speaking up.”

    You can bet your mom spoke up a lot in private. She understood that parental disagreements make kids favor one parent over the other. This causes loss of respect and parental authority, which leads to family dysfunction. Was your family dysfunctional? If not, give mom credit. She taught family harmony with what you detected as silence. Give dad credit for teaching everyone to obey, because mom didn’t interfere. (I’ve presumed a lot to make specific points and intend no disrespect for you, parents, or family.)

    “… is it possible that men went overboard with their control of women and women just rebelled?”

    Not at all. Political activists went overboard, and feminazis seeking political power rebelled in practice and recruited followers until Feminism became rebellion in reality.

    Our forefathers gave up male dominance in huge gobs when they married, and most men sought marriage. Throughout American history until the 1960s, by exploiting their femininity to motivate their masculine mates, women came more and more to dominate home and culture (values we live by) and husbands dominated workplace and society (what we all do). Their teamwork with different roles in home and society built American greatness and economic dominance.

    Women followed the feminazi urge, because political activists propagandized them into doing so. (More in the upcoming post cited above.)

    “Perhaps my family’s case is different but I’m not so sure it is.”

    Probably not different, whether you look at the underlying reasons I describe or the surface effects that you judge.

    “… I wonder if men had some part in the rise of feminism, just as Adam and Eve shared responsibility for eating ‘the apple’.”

    Men had no part in it except for those few that joined the feminist movement. Then, through the proliferation of cheap and easy sex, other men were bribed to accept the will of females. The bribery is now several generations deep, and male dominance grows more offensive with each generation.


    • Princess Rita

      Thank you, I wasn’t sure if you would see this post. As you can tell, I’m a little confused-I think many women my age are. Perhaps from indoctrination, I don’t know.

  2. Princess Rita

    You’ve given me a lot to think about.

    Sadly, I think my family WAS dysfunctional so I probably shouldn’t use them as examples of a normal family.

    Feminism is so pervasive even though it is not stylist to call yourself a feminist or women’s libber. I love your writing. Don’t stop!

  3. Lady Carmen

    Your Royal Highness Guy,

    Once upon a time I naively believed my vote mattered and the political candidate would go to Washington and change things for the better. My faith in politicians is shattered though never my faith in God. The more I have studied the psychopathic personality the more convinced I’ve become that political power attracts the psychopath. The true psychopath loves power and control and is a patholigical lier. Most honest decent folks abhor what politicians do. Our Lord Jesus was rejected by the leaders of his day because he refused to compromise and held them to account, and spoke the truth. We have the power of prayer and the knowledge that Jesus is the King of Kings and is Victorious. The David and Golitath story has always given me much comfort, courage, and hope when facing overwhelming adveristy. In this cultural/political/spiritual battle your wisdom is a sharp stone in David’s slingshot against the giant pervasive media, and feminist brainwashed culture.

    God Bless You,
    Lady Carmen

  4. Princess Rita

    Thanks Lady Carmen for reminding me that we are “more than conquerors”.

  5. Lady Carmen

    Dear Lovely Princess Rita,

    You are being given a great blessing by reading and living the wisdom given here by King Guy. So many ladies are never told the truth and suffer the consequences. We expect to hear of a happily ever after from you.

    My prayers are with you sweet Princess,

    Lady Carmen

  6. Miss Dawn

    “……Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves….”

    This is the theme of this ENTIRE blog.

    Best quote!

  7. zephanie

    A link my aunt posted that when I saw it I immediately thought of this website,

  8. boomer babe

    Changing the subject: Maryland was a Catholic colony hence the name; Mary Land—I also think our last 3 presidents have had a problem Hilary, Laura, and Michelle. To me, the only one that is the most ‘feminine’ is Laura, because Hilary and Michelle wanted to get in the limelight right away. Maybe Hilary over Michelle. and it made them a little wussy–polarity attracts polarity.. Women also go back to their abusers, they did it then and they do it now until they had enough–a long time ago, the police knew this although it didn’t make it any better—-I think we have many republicans that act like democrats is because of their wives. Schwarzinegger is an example of that

  9. boomer babe

    I think also that young girls will kick out feminists thought as soon as they find out they wont get any dates in college. Its not that bad yet but it soon will be-especially among the more liberal members.

  10. Simplicity Evermore

    “It all evolves in grayscale to TheRestOfUs, but it’s bold colors to ThePoliticalClass. We see their mistakes, but they always find ways to escape accountability through new tactics and greater power. They convert each crisis of their own making into opportunity for advancing their agendas.”

    To quote someone else: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    Your Graduateness Simplicity Evermore,
    The best and brightest gals bloom at this blog.

  11. Princess Rita

    There needs to be more Christian (devoted ones) in the political arena. That was the case in the early glorious days of this country and that is what needs to happen now, diversity be damned.

    Your Cheerfulness Princess Rita,
    You’re absolutely correct. We also need to damn multiculturalism as the Germans and Brits have finally concluded is in their best interest. We need to restore the American Trinity: Liberty, e pluribus unum, In God We Trust. It’s on every penny, but the value of that coin has plummeted alongside the devaluing of the trinity.

  12. My Husband's Wife

    Oh! I’m glad I found this post via your comment to Lady Penelope. I think my husband would enjoy reading this one as well.

    Regarding this quote of yours “As women depend more on government, men become less valuable as producer, provider, protector, and problem solver for a woman and her children.”:

    I heard a great description of this by Jennifer Morse:
    “Each family is a mini society. What’s happening is that the state is taking over more and more territory that’s proper to the family. In this way, the government is acting as both arsonist and firefighter in the breakdown of families. The state comes into rescue and repair damage that the state is also responsible for.”
    It seems as though the state is now the “husband” to many many women and the men aren’t valued as they are being replaced, destroying a man’s motivation for doing all the “Ps”!

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Thank you. Jennifer Morse has much nicer way with words.

  13. Femme

    Dear Sir Guy,

    I just read this article and am curious about your take on the subject.

    It seems like this is an appropriate place to ask… I have a personal interest in the story as my ex husband is also a “boarding school product”.

    Your Highness Femme,

    I will not comment on your latest comments on the subject above. I have neither time nor inclination after four immediate follow ups of “where’s my answer?”

    Your subject is interesting but beyond blog theme. Also, after the many hours I spent on very lengthy email exchanges with you on personal matters, I have other readers to consider.


  14. Lady Penny

    Sir Guy,

    I am grinning out of gratitude that you decided to keep this tab open a little longer. For what it’s worth, although it’s possible that you may think these views are outdated, they serve as a guideline and in that way help me navigate and understand politics in the present, a little better, especially when I do my own digging and research to gain a deeper understanding of the snippets and bread crumbs you provide here.

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