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1946. Indirectness: A Wife’s Most Effective Strategy

Even within compatible couples, the masculine preference for directness easily causes confrontation and even more so when women use it. The feminine talent and skill for cooperation makes women the relationship experts and gives birth to their preference for using indirectness. Without it, the man’s game of competition overpowers the woman’s game of cooperation and male dominance reigns at the expense of female dignity.

Women are born with immense talent and skill to use indirectness as a successful technique for dealing with men. It calls for tactics, expectations, and calculated responses centered on someone else in ways that encourage their cooperation.

Indirectness prioritizes patience over impatience, niceness over spitefulness, subtle over obvious, deferred over immediate gratification, calm and smooth talk over harsh chatter, and simpering rather than her spouting orders. It also calls for no insistence on getting her way at this time, delaying arguments until no longer needed, accepting loss of arguments to fight another day and way, finding gratitude rather than fault, smiling when frowns are expected, not complaining about her problems but asking directly for help and pleasantly depending on whatever ‘rescue’ he provides.

Women love easily. It causes grateful wives to predominately live according to their natural soft-heartedness. They routinely rely on it rather than their natural hard-headed ability. Indirectness capitalizes on that tendency. It enables wives to brighten their futures by enabling their husbands to dominate the present. Thus, the relationship expert generates the compatibility that lasts forever.

Translating all that into directness, she empowers herself to rule the rooster while enabling him to rule the roost, which offends a man until years later when he learns the truth and worth of it, which is why the hopes, dreams, and rewards a wife longs for come so much later in marriage.


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1748. Sex Differences Redux — Part 02: Their Wants

Post 1747 started re-describing the foundation principles that undergird this blog. Today, we continue with results of how God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize women and men.

Her Wants:

  • A woman does not absolutely need a man, but she wants company or assistance at specific times in life.
  • Her primal want is for a solid relationship with someone stronger and more influential in shaping events that affect her and her children.
  • She wants help to brighten her future in a society dominated by powerful people, unexpected events, and catastrophes.
  • She wants comfort in needy times and companionship for prevention of loneliness.
  • Intuitively, she favors one man, because two will not knowingly share her except that one on the sly may cuckold another.

His Wants:

  • A man wants the freedom to do as he chooses and especially make himself stand out among others as unique, as a competitor, as a person of significance.
  • He seeks the freedom to lay with her or play with her, to hunt or punt, rest or nest, read or lead, think or drink, farm or harm, glean or lean, produce or reproduce, or just do something new or exciting—especially in the spare time he earns from working at his job.
  • His pastimes may or may not include his woman, which is a good endorsement of long courtships to form more mutual pastimes.

Their greatest fears and compatible focus on time are next with post 1749.

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793. Commitment and Devotion Revisited

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1817.


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768. Beware Red Flags — Part 4

Yesterday’s post was about in-laws and today it’s about the couple.

Take what follows as his potential as mate and not damnation of him as person. Perception is reality. If you see red flags waving, he may be Mr. Wrong. If not, however, it doesn’t make him Mr. Right.

The flavor of the list conveys all-out suspicion, but it’s not intended that way. It’s about you becoming more perceptive in the course of everyday life.

·        Are his promises of commitment confirmed by actions that show devotion? If not, it’s probably too early to commit yourself.

·        Do his actions match his words and vice versa? Major deviance can spell dishonesty, phoniness, lack of integrity, or all of the above. Minor differences indicate need for your greater analysis.

·        Does he have less education and earn less money than you? If yes, a super-beware is in order. It won’t bother you, but it will eat away at his dignity. Sooner or later he’ll hold it against you, especially the money bit. Moreover, it’s a set of pressures that push men toward someone else.

·        Does he seek to earn your devotion with his actions or with words? Trust his actions but verify his words.

·        Observe what he does when he thinks you’re not watching. You’ll learn much more than from his words.

·        Pay attention to what he does. Those things are important to him. If you complain, offenses against you that he doesn’t repeat can still return after conquest or marriage. So, you should find ways to assess his sincerity. (Again, just be more perceptive about everything without being suspicious of him.)

·        Watch for shady or unsteady character. His actions much more than words accurately reflect his role in your life. (Ideal roles look like this: You see much evidence of his devotion through his actions, and you devote to him in his working role, aka his missions in life. Mutual commitment and moral obligations work best as subsets that support mutual devotion.)

In the end you still have to decide. Love often overrides reason, but before it happens you should assess red flags that may forecast undesirable consequences. The final installment of this series flies tomorrow.


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706. Favored Quotes — Collection 5

  • “…[Y]ou can’t fix him — especially if you sleep with him!” (Kathy at past #25)
  •  “Involving male-female relations, a woman’s body is her cover letter. The rest about her, including her brain, is her resume.” (Dogsandfitness at 681)
  •  “…[H]omecare is not an end in itself.” (Princess Rita at 705)
  •  “On another note, this weekend, I made it my practice to smile (or at least have a pleasant expression on my face) whenever my husband looked at me. We spent more time together this weekend than last weekend, and I think that’s the reason why. Who wants to spend time with a sad or angry person? I wasn’t really angry before, but I didn’t look happy, and therefore, was not attracting my husband like I wanted. I guess I was expecting him to think, “She doesn’t look happy; how can I make her happy?” instead of, “She doesn’t look happy; I’d better stay away from her until she gets over it.” Ah! Behold the power of smile!” (Kathy at 701)
  •  “Do you respect your husband deep in your soul? If not, ask God to give you insight into your husband and to develop a respect for him. Also, pray for your husband…this helps you to want the best for him.
       “When you have a deep respect for him in spite of his behavior, it really helps you to ride out the storm of his displeasure and unhappiness.” (Jill F. at 694)


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704. Gender Differences Revisited — Group C

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1749.


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703. Gender Differences Revisited — Group B

Reorganized, clarified, and reissued as #1748.


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