2731 —Life Made Simpler for Women — 09

  1. Beauty and sex go together, each man perceives and values the combination. As attractions they are great, but both play minor roles in holding a mate. OTOH, his perceived worth of other virtues attract and hold him as husband.
  2. A woman’s quality that a man admires is a virtue. Hard-to-get is special, extremely admirable, and highly virtuous. However, his admiration of her defense against invasion of her body ends with conquest. His subsequent expectation to own and dominate their sexual agenda stimulates desire but earns no admiration. After all, he paid her price for it and their life as couple differs from what went before.
  3. Except for her other feminine qualities, a hunter-conqueror has no admiration for a woman found, conquered, and subject to his domination. Hence, marital sex is not an admired virtue. Deep in his inborn hunter-conqueror psyche he thinks he owns it, which shifts his admiration from her to self-admiration of his ability.
  4. Women moan about the thought of aging, as if their happiness depends on delaying it. It doesn’t. There’s only momentary gratitude, if that, to be found in trying to slow the inevitable course of time.
  5. Women know how to hide wrinkles and all that, which is okay but not nearly enough. They still worry endlessly about their appearance today and tomorrow and inherit whatever bothersome, worrisome, and sometimes frustrating ride of life develops from it.
  6. A woman fixated on appearing younger than she is weakens the admiration of men for her self-respect. Frustration brought on by not achieving what she hopes just makes it worse.
  7. Aging is normal and natural, so women over thirty work to hide it for the sake of looking younger. By end of day, however, their work is no longer hidden. Same thing next day, good grooming followed soon by need to update. It’s an endless battle to improve on what the mirror reflects.

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2730. Life Made Simpler for Women — 08

  1. Women imagine that by looking younger than their age, they can become more maritally attractive and sexually meaningful. Not so, except in the eyes of immature men who linger mentally in adolescence, adultolescents. To the mature man, she younger than he is more bonus than essential.
  2. A man who has little or no respect for the female gender also lacks a healthy dose of self-respect. Hoping to earn more self-respect, he tends to commit this ‘crime against wife’. He seeks to impose near-complete control over decisions, wife, and life together. He ignores the biblical imperative about how to love his wife but uses it to demand her submission.
  3. Little or no respect for women in a man generally means the same for individual females. Control minimizes his listening to her, disrespects her opinions, reduces her influence, and demeans her role as mate. In effect, such men disallow their wives to nest, much less build his castle. He confirms his control and earns self-respect by blaming her for her inadequacies and his dissatisfactions. His view is paramount; hers is seldom acceptable.
  4. When women dress as girls, or try to copy girlish appearance or sexual manner, they reveal their teenage mindset. It attracts men with the same mentality, as in adultolescents.
  5. Men know that beauty ages with the body. A mature man can be easily satisfied if his wife keeps herself attractive enough overall in spite of the disappointments of aging. Moreover, beauty becomes much less important as the years pass and other factors satisfy him much more easily with their life together.
  6. After marriage, her likeability is far more important than her beauty. It’s not how young she looks. It’s how well she keeps him satisfied that she matures in parallel with her beauty and keeps him reminded and satisfied to be the gal he married.
  7. A wife purposely appearing younger than her age suggests sexual fantasy that appears to seek the attention of someone other than husband. It can throw doubt on her expected loyalty, which is a major ingredient in a husband’s love.

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2729. —Life Made Simpler for Women — 07

  1. The new picture hanging for a week in your home fades from interest and you now pass it unseen. Beauty works the same way within the hunter-conqueror. He pays a beautiful woman’s ‘price to own her’ and can then be proud and appreciate her at his convenience.
  2. Once conquered, a woman’s beauty is more foundation for her likeability, more a qualifier than kingpin for a man’s love.
  3. Her physical beauty magnetizes him to date her. Her refusal to have sex magnetizes him to pursue her beauty. Pursuit ends and new relationship begins with the first of these: conquest or marriage.
  4. After conquest and she’s either keeper or wife, beauty takes a back seat. Still appreciated but no longer the superb magnetic attraction as before.
  5. To her conqueror, other factors overtake beauty in importance. Beauty isn’t weakened but wrapped together with her supreme interest in him, how she listens, what she says, what she does that satisfies him, and her behaviors that makes him feel good in her presence. It all comes together as her likeability, a foundation stone for development of a man’s love.
  6. Women, those who seek to appear younger than they are for the sake of appearing younger, move themselves into the seller’s role. Ungood! Women who seek to appear more attractive at current age keep themselves in the role of buyer. Very good!
  7. Appearing younger than your age isn’t the path to marital success. Satisfying husband that you max out as attractive for your age is much stronger as bonding glue.


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2728. More About Aging — Hide Her Flaws?

Seemingly disconnected, certain female habits improve both self-respect and respect for men in a woman’s heart. This post is about one feminine decision that can do much more than social media to produce success and satisfaction in the lives of women.

We all do what makes us feel good about ourselves, and so women try to look younger. They seem captivated by this notion. ‘The better I can fix up to please myself, the younger I appear and the more I appeal to men’.

However, given the nature of men, it’s a misleading scheme. While highly attractive for a gal to appear younger, neither sex nor her younger appearance bond a man and keep him for life. A younger female shape and appearance are marvelous attractions, but they don’t hold a man. (Except those adult men who haven’t escaped teenage values, expectations, and ambitions. That is, adultolescents who also seek to impose greater control over their woman and improve their reputation among fellow competitors.)

Women are famous for disguising wrinkles, hiding flaws, and otherwise supporting the cosmetics industry. Unintended, they spur capitalism and that’s great for all of us. However, they apparently possess an incomplete view of what they do. Whom do they aim to please by looking younger? Themselves or others? Deciding those questions provides a more complete view of the look-younger process.

Most women make themselves look younger specifically for the sake of looking younger. Please their own ego. They expect to be dealt with as younger gals; they earned it by hard work. However, it brings on defeats and frustrations with the cause unrecognized.

A woman’s man-hunting prospects increase dramatically if she takes another strategy. Instead of just pleasing her own eyes, she improves and promotes her overall attractiveness in the eyes of men. And she does it daily; comfort and convenience give way to new objectives.

She transforms her attractiveness to produce beauty in the eyes of many men, out of which a few will succumb to her ambition. The more who succumb, the more options she has to recruit one, develop a relationship with permanence as goal, develop mutual gratitude, and thus develop happiness for the rest of her life.

She makes herself look more reliably attractive to men roughly her own age, one of whom she hopes to capture and keep. By doing so, she shows more respect for men, and she cancels out the disadvantages of younger for the sake of younger. She replaces her selfish expectations with youthful but sensible allure that men can appreciate better than young and immature.

Mature men understand and accept aging as normal, so women should specialize at making themselves in all respects prettier for the guys about their age. Aim her efforts to appear modestly younger at the best prospects among those her age. Don’t downgrade herself to have more men to choose from. Instead, aim mature thoughts at men interested in these: devoted friend, flexible companion, accommodating sex partner, great listener, admirable loyalty, advocate of family harmony, non-complainer, dependence on what he does, and especially understanding competing responsibilities in wife/mother roles.

Focusing strictly on prevention of aging, women find frustrating results that produce strong incentive to continually try harder. They shouldn’t stop trying but do it aimed at men their own age. No one man in particular until he’s her husband.


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2727. More About Aging — Background

When it comes to aging, women have an unproductive view of life. Mindful that younger woman usually gets the man—unnatural though it is for keeps—overly age-conscious women help make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. They adopt many bad habits for keeping a man as they self-develop under the influence of radical politics.

More on this later, but older women don’t change to please a man. Perhaps that’s another reason younger women appeal to men?


This is primarily background material but it will help with the specifics that will follow in the next few days.

Feminism continues to generate a humongous respect gap between the sexes. It also reduces true self-respect to rubble within the hearts of females and replaces it with false self-respect based on disrespect for the opposite sex. Hidden beneath the turmoil of feminist politics, the lack of internal, one-way, and mutual respect darkens the social and domestic atmospheres for both sexes.

Men object but nobody listens. To compensate the anger and complaints of men about feminist nonsense applied to personal relationships, women buy masculine accommodation with cheap and easy sex. Many men retain anger, however, and avoid accepting the propriety and well-deserved political, legal, and economic gains of women.

It was all planned and executed through feminist politics, legal and administrative entanglements, and economic transfer of power. Women won in those wars that occurred outside of personal relationships. But individual women lose their superior gender advantage to the extent they bring feminist-think and -values into their relationship as a couple.

You can see damage to the female psyche as so many women in middle and older age float in public minus a wedding ring. Where do all the good men end up? They are chased off by women who could not or do not respect the man they capture, and who expect husbands to recognize that women are right, men are to blame, and husbands should listen to wife complain about all that’s wrong. IOW, ex-wives tried to make husbands act different from their nature and load them down verbally with anti-masculine crap. In that way they expected to make husband a better man in their feminist-oriented, propagandized mindset.

The feminist influence ignores or condemns these inflexible traits of men. A man will not long remain in a marriage in which he is not satisfied with who he is, what he is doing, and who he is doing it with. Also, men don’t change to get what they want, although they will change to keep what they have. OTOH, women will change to get what they want, although they will not change to keep what they have. The feminist effect seeks to reverse those natural roles and men continue to quietly rebel in background to the disadvantage and often abuse of women.

Both are born and want to get their way. He expects to dominate in the present and isn’t too concerned about the future; he can handle whatever comes down the turnpike of life. She can’t get her way in the present and still keep him with her. So, if she keeps her focus on their future together and patiently awaits getting her way, she opens the door to keeping him with her.

So, as modern women marry with the conviction they can quickly get their man more aligned with wife’s thoughts and ideas, they sound the death knell to the relationship. One designed so elaborately by her to make her feel good about herself but done without regard for the emotional acceptability by husband.

It translates into this. She can change to get what she wants, which usually is a continuing relationship. He won’t change for that. He will change, however, to keep her if she learns to keep him. It’s where aging becomes so valuable. A husband consumes years of faithful allegiance before he fully appreciates his wife’s admirable qualities to the extent that he doesn’t want to lose her, and for which he will usually change to keep her.

Next, women focus on the wrong thing when they mask wrinkles and hide flaws for the purpose of disguising aging and hope of looking younger. It makes sense, but does it serve her best?


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2726. Wisdom from Edith

Her Highness Edith Mcklveen describes very well how some men act immaturely, disrespectfully, embittered, or disdainful of themselves. They don’t make good dates or mates, and it relates to the concerns of many women.



I’ve done some more reflection on men who state what they want in a woman in such a way that they frighten away the potential relationship they say they want.

WWNH makes clear that, outside of sex, men are attracted to women they see as affirming their sense of self-worth and enhancing their status in the eyes of others.

And, as WWNH points out, under normal circumstances, that’s not too difficult for women to do. Men are pretty cut-to-the-chase.

As I currently see it, hero worship and food go a long way. A man will make it easy for a woman to give him adulation and potato salad. (She must make him work for it, or he will happily allow her to praise him and feed him and never say thanks . . . because of course attention is supposed to be her natural and proper response.)

There are men who make it hard for women to approach with admiration and food and other forms of attention. They are demanding and critical and have impossible expectations. They act like women in the ways they make intimacy extremely difficult.

These are disappointed and damaged men who, for whatever reasons, have not been able to bounce back with the usual male resiliency. They are angry and bitter and mistrustful, and in trying to hide these troubling and crippling feelings and appear normal and in control and cool, they end up making life more complicated than even a woman can.

The sad thing for me is that apparently a lot of these men are Christians. They are people who claim to believe in forgiveness and second chances and God’s goodness even in the midst of hardships. And yet they can’t shake off resentment, bitterness, even fear.

Years ago, I fell in love with such a man. I thought that if I could just be sensitive enough and show him I understood him more than anyone else, he would relax, unbend, forget the past, and be happy and grateful to me for my understanding.

Not at all.

Such men are to be pitied and avoided. Not hated or nagged. They should be treated, as all human beings should, with respect. After all, they’ve been through and survived their share of crap. But otherwise, they need to be left strictly alone.


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2725. Sexual Assets Put Women in Charge—or Not! — Aging Does What?

Her Highness Edith Mcklveen in a classy response wondered how the forerunner with the title above [2724] might apply when “hormones are not circulating in youthful quantities?” And, “men at a certain point become more, um, mellow, and women become somewhat less mellow.” In her praiseworthy ladylike phrasing, she calls to mind that in later life the ratio of male to female hormones goes down in men and the reverse happens in women. It results in older women becoming the more sexually interested and perhaps eager of the two.

As they age, both sexes have a tougher time living with themselves as their respective sex drives morph hormonally in a direction opposite of earlier in life. Men can sense it but women don’t see it coming, I suspect, soon enough to coach their middle-age man to find new and exciting ways to caress and stimulate her to intimacy and frequent satisfaction. That is, prepare in middle age for ever-mellowing years.

As to how 2724 applies in the mellower years, the following effects may develop as aging progresses.

  1. “Their first sex together transforms a man.” In mellower times, however, the effects are amended by the softening nature of older men. A man’s mid-life crisis can work wonders for his mate, or not! He most likely will be different in many ways, not all of which will please her.
  2. The awkward results of one-night stands become less common as men face a different life especially after the mid-life crisis. More mature times call for leaving a less awkward trail behind.
  3. The process to get an older man to bond is not to focus on pleasing him but playing a mellower game of hard-to-get into the bedroom and thereby energizing him to please her more and better. (Men are little boys, and in the growing up process they are little men. They insist to themselves to capture what they are denied.)
  4. If he won’t pay her price—that is, fulfill her expectations—before they merge first time, he won’t pay much toward her future solace. If he won’t satisfy himself by satisfying her before first sex together, he won’t likely satisfy her after that, which means he’s not fully able to keep satisfied with himself. (A man’s primary mission in life is to keep himself satisfied with who he is and what he does, a woman or mate notwithstanding.)
  5. Contrary to woman-think, her sexual asset value doesn’t decline among men her age. It does decline, however, as a woman allows her feminine appearance to deteriorate or be ignored.
  6. A man’s confidence subsides from the relentless decay of his ability to sexually perform to his satisfaction. The urge remains, but shame or lack of courage can emerge to purge interest.
  7. Motivated to energize a new relationship, women lower their price for touch, feel, fondle, and ultimate prize. But too much and a man gets what he wants for so little a price that his respect for her does not arise.
  8. No change comes with age in a man’s desire to conquer. Each attractive woman energizes his thoughts, but his courage wilts if he expects to embarrass himself.
  9. Female standards to delay conquest work as it does in earlier life. (It’s anecdotal, but I know two sixty-some ladies who traveled extensively with boyfriends while insisting and using separate motel rooms until they married. One insisted her man switch religious denomination. The other insisted her man be saved and my wife Grace led him to the Lord. Both ladies conquered their man. One marriage lasted nine years until husband died, and the other continues today and almost twice that long.)
  10. If anticipating sex with a specific woman won’t keep him satisfied with himself, he will tend to avoid her.
  11. Conquest for the man doesn’t invoke the four consequences shown in 2724. Aging softens them all. It doesn’t mean older women won’t be dumped after conquest. Players may or may not change their tactics even with mid-life crisis.
  12. I think the most impressive lesson to be learned from applying 2724 to mellower times is this. The higher the price a man pays investing himself in her, the more reliable he will be as suitor and mate. (Men are hunter-conquering competitors who satisfy themselves with what they earn. So, they don’t appreciate unearned gifts.)

Finally, women should look out for this. The more direct and stronger a man claims his love will be her deliverance, the more likely he’s scheduling her for the caregiver role later.

The foregoing reminds of some more about aging and will appear next at 2726.


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