2869. Typical Male Behavior — 03

A lot of repetition exists in this summarizing series. I do it on purpose to reinforce the importance to those women who hope to understand better the male nature.

  1. Women live according to what their men say and want, except as the smarter woman conditions her man to help fulfill her hopes and dreams. She hears and heeds him in the short term, but she’s focused on the future. He finds her attractive, pursues, and wins her love, but he bypasses the thought that she has unfulfilled hopes and dreams that originate in childhood. She’s free to work on it secretly.
  2. Ever present in background during pursuit, he continually seeks to bed her. She refuses and even rejects the concept without destroying his hope. Her love of him is neither admirable, nor a virtue, nor important to him except as it facilitates conquest. She does best to keep her developing love to herself. Save it until he earns it.
  3. He keeps pursuing and learning about qualities that he admires. Until much later rather than sooner, he finds himself devoted to her such that he realizes she’s more important to him as partner than sex target. He recognizes that he truly loves her when he chooses the latter of these consequences: He’s satisfied with his present life and how he lives, but he expects to be more satisfied living with her, and it prompts his proposal.
  4. Men pursue what’s hard to conquer; they seek to achieve and invest themselves in time, effort, and money to the extent she’s worthy of conquest. Men don’t love as women love. Neither do men recognize and appreciate how women love and expect to be loved in return. A woman expresses her love and appreciates herself for doing it. Her man may or may not derive pleasure or compliment from what she says. If she says it, he takes it more as deserved than admired, and he is that much nearer to conquest. If she doesn’t share her love, it’s not her loss but her gain. He has less knowledge of her to work with, which means he has to work harder to win her.
  5. Modern women have long forgotten the need for religious and moral imperatives to keep men user friendly to women. Both porn and the pursuit of pleasure being the result of a man’s initiatives, they provide the easiest satisfaction about who he is, what he does, and who he does it with. Also, he finds it easy to love ever-greater pleasure, and he seeks an endless path to it. He has little or no need for a woman except for short range involvement.


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11 responses to “2869. Typical Male Behavior — 03

  1. Jubilee

    I’ve noticed, love songs aren’t as common anymore, unless it’s women singing to men.Number 4
    However, it seems that men take on genres, such as, RAP/METAL which are both disrespectful to women.
    It also gets worse when women take these on, especially RAP

    Your Highness Jubilee,
    Women have grown ignorant of this fact. Romantic love ballads teach men how to deal with women as women would like to be treated. Without that kind of guidance, men do whatever pleases them. He who determines the music determines how women are treated.

    • gonemaverick

      “He who determines the music determines how women are treated.”

      I declare this 👆 comment the winner of the internet. 😊🎉🎊

  2. Anonymous Wife

    Some questions regarding a wife who is still attractive to her husband/has kept her looks and figure:

    If such a wife finds out that her husband looks at porn, should she confront him or bring up the issue indirectly?

    If such a wife suspects her husband might be messaging with another woman but cannot prove it because he covers his tracks, should she tty to forget it or trust her suspicion?

    Your Highness Anonymous Wife,
    Your questions are tough, and I’m headed for the ER. See you in a day or so. Actually, I wish you’d ask again in a week so I won’t overlook it when I return.

    • Anonymous Wife

      Please have a quick and speedy recovery!!!!!!

      • CartieB

        @Anonymous Wife: curious, how can husband be attracted to wife if he’s looking at porn and or messaging another woman?

        • Anonymous Wife

          Because she looks the same as when they got married and he expresses that he is attracted to her/ acts attracted to her.

          A man can be attracted to more than one woman, can’t he?

          • Meow Meow

            As far as porn goes, as long as the husband isn’t neglecting his wife sexually because of it and it seems to be occasional/non-serious usage, not a big problem. But it’s tricky…too many guys seem to get obsessed with the constant availability of internet porn, which didn’t exist not that long ago. It can become an addiction….an imaginary girlfriend.

            I’d say its a red flag if the intimacy drops off!

            I’d be alot more concerned about a husband possibly messaging another woman. The wife in such a situation needs to stay alert and protect herself, not rug sweep the situation. Stay calm and be observant. We have our intuition for a reason. Never discount it.

            • Anonymous Wife

              Meow Meow,

              Completely agree with everything you said.

              The question is more what to do- staying alert is one thing but when a husband covers his tracks (i.e. deleted the content of the message sent to the other woman so there is no way to know what it said/ how bad it was) how can a wife know what to do if overall he is a good husband?

              If she confronts him- he will deny it bc there is no proof

              If she takes a drastic measure – maybe the punishment didn’t fit the crime, no way to know what really happened

              If she acts sweet, normal, improves herself even more- is is warranted? She will continue to be suspicious.

              Nowadays with cellphones it is so easy to hide things- porn, inappropriate messaging etc.

              • Meow Meow

                I agree and it takes time to figure out what is going on, that is why staying alert. Sounds like the wife knows that there WAS a message though to another woman despite deleted contents? Or just suspects that there was?

                If she knows there actually was a message sent it would be a different mindset than just suspecting. There isn’t really any good reason for a married man to be sending messages to another woman is there?

                I wouldn’t stop being kind, sweet and improving oneself, because thats for one’s own benefit, regardless of whatever the man is doing. By the same token, there is never anything wrong with being quietly self-protective… have some money or gift cards set aside in case of emergency, have copies of important documents, etc. (You would need to do the same whether divorced or widowed, anyway.) This was something older women used to tell their granddaughters, daughters, nieces etc….have a little money set aside for “A rainy day”. Ask yourself, “What if I had to get by on my own for awhile…how could I? What would I do?” Hopefully, you/the wife in question will never have to face that situation. But, especially if the wife has kids, the responsible thing to do is calmly think things through with dignity and clarity.

        • Magnolia

          I’ve seen women online say how their husbands watch and they tell them that it has nothing to do with her, but they are still attracted to wife and seek her out sexually.

          I’ve also seen men say the same thing to women online. To not take things personally and that it has nothing to do with us.

          Some of men’s greatest needs are FREQUENCY OF SEX and VARIETY. They get those needs met through on-demand porn. Sometimes women can’t/don’t/won’t meet those needs for different reasons.

    • Anonymous Wife

      In the meantime I am reading the “dignity wins” and “cheater return” series- posts 1789-1794

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