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Blog 2339. Suggestions for Raising Children — Part XIII

Tactical Parenting: Encouraging Sexual Restraint in Teen Girls

I presume that readers take exception to masculine-style sexual freedom for females. It’s now expanded with a follow-on movement of sex for pleasure in the U.S. It’s now developing overseas into threesomes for one and both sexes and on-the-street connecting up with those known and unknown, which means only a matter of time before the practice immigrates here.

If you don’t like it, your best contribution is teaching girls to avoid teen sexual activity. By avoiding it in adolescence, girls learn that other things are more important than sex and sexual freedom; for example, the ability to keep a husband. It’s then up to girls to teach boys, provided moms and dads teach boys to respect girls as unique and more valuable to men when treated respectfully.

To all moms, don’t preach to save herself for her husband. Teach to protect her heart and mind for herself, so she’s better prepared to handle males and life as she sees fit. A girl well-educated about herself and males knows what to do that’s best for her. She knows how to distinguish sincerity from smooth talk and lies and how to handle each.

Moms can’t be too well prepared to train and uplift girls to earn their potential for the handling of men and a mate. As women go so goes society, and only mothers can get them there. Dads need to encourage but moms do the work.

You may think of the following as too philosophical. However, sound personal decisions are based more on good philosophical underpinnings than on less stable beliefs such as popular opinion. So, I intend to unload all that I can figure out as relevant to moms raising girls to achieve their girlhood hopes and dreams.

Until now, I never realized the endless connections between what mom knows and how to raise better daughters. Sex today interferes dramatically with that process. Moms need more non-sex info and so this series continues to expand far beyond that originally intended.

Female character shapes the values, standards, and expectations that flood the culture and determine how people live in society. When moms focus on teaching about sex, they miss the boat. When they teach about screening males, handling dates, training boyfriends, discouraging players, and especially keeping husbands, they are on target to raising sterling daughters into women with significant influence with men and over boys.

When mom has a better picture of how the male and female natures prioritize and interact, she’s much better prepared to convey the lessons appropriate to each girl’s level of maturity. By puberty the lessons can be complete and a girl’s sense of self-development can carry her through adolescence without too much hurt.

A mother’s judgment is invariably sound when she depends on facts rather than popular opinion. Her biggest burden then is to gain and maintain daughter’s respect for mom’s teachings, which is a matter of self-discipline, nurturing love, not blaming others, and starting with toddlers in the third year.

NOTE: Mom’s biggest challenge is to get the father’s support, backing, and encouragement of daughter to listen to mom, whether present in their lives or not. IOW, mom sorely needs father’s respect to reinforce whatever respect daughter has for mom.

Modern teens are involved in sexual activity after copying adults, so moms have to counter that social movement when they teach about sex in early childhood. It’s tough, but how else can they overcome the political outrageousness of sex-ed in kindergarten unless they start early?

I suggest this plan. Except for basics, discourage interest in sex-education as being promoted. Mom knows better than bureaucrats. Teach beneficial behavior that attracts and holds the interests of males without having to satisfy those interests. Teach girls to make males work for everything they get from girl or woman. Earn masculine respect rather than popularity. Teach independence, teach girls to dislike the popular venues and achieving popularity. They all want to be liked. But they benefit permanently when they are respected. They earn respect when they refuse boys having their way even in the simple things such as copping a feel, kissing without earning it by demonstrating devotion with actions rather than just words, and  specifically by not spreading their legs for any reason.

Men respect what they earn and don’t appreciate what they don’t earn. Free gifts are meaningless, especially sex. And men can’t love who they don’t respect. So, the love of a man depends on how she makes him earn the sharing of her persona with him without sexual involvement.

Girls gain nothing from conquest except they bond and boys don’t. She loses and he benefits immensely: 1) Whatever respect she gained earlier by refusing quits growing. 2) His obligations to please her ‘expire’. 3) He doesn’t have to search any longer for weaknesses to facilitate bedding her; he owns their sexual agenda. She’s a keeper, booty, or dumpee. 4) He’s free to look for someone else.

Moms should stick to family values that glue relationships. Promote strengthening of personal character that emerges from sexual restraint. Describe the unexpected penalties for lack of good character that urges restraint in teen life. Teach deferred gratification and persuade against immediate gratification. Teach the importance of self-gratitude as critical to the sense of self-importance so earnestly craved by the female psyche.

Instead of blaming men for the social and domestic ailments of females, teach the blessings that women brought to American greatness. Men conquered the West, but women civilized it. Through their indirect influence with husbands, American wives morphed two male-dominated religions into our one-of-a-kind female-dominated Judeo-Christian culture. Our country is what wives made it by taming the male nature and husbands into pleasing the women in their lives. Womanly influence is maximized at the breakfast table and pillow talk—provided her man has obligated himself by becoming devoted to her.

It raises the question. What makes him become devoted to her? Answer: Her likeability and his determination to be loyal to her without his fear of being dumped. Devotion builds as he pleases himself for the purpose of pleasing her, and his actions reinforce his feelings for her.

Men need neither religion nor morality; they can and will just fight out their differences. Women need both, which are essential to strengthen the female character, political relevance and influence, and ability to make better men out of their mates—as both better husbands and good examples for other men.

When society moves upward with moral standards, women dominate the culture. When women allow moral standards to deteriorate, society becomes more immoral and men come to dominate values and standards. As that happens, the culture declines and individual marriages are made weaker. Today, they are also made fewer, and female influence fades accordingly.

But notice this. Wives and not single women did it in the past, which means that marriage is critical to supporting a female-friendly society made that way by wifely dominance of cultural values and standards. Single women don’t wield influence over men except as power enables it on the job, but that doesn’t impress men to accept and adopt female value and standards off the job. Only wives can get men to change their ways in the direction of more female friendliness, and it requires a delicate, well-educated, patient, and feminine touch.

What does all that mean for teaching girls to avoid teen sex? How can girls do what’s right for themselves? How can they understand themselves, boys, men, mates, and their promiscuous peers, unless they know the likely consequences of interacting and how to both resist female peer pressure and outsmart males?

When moms teach it well, girls know what to do with it. The more females keep their feelings among their sex, the more mysterious women are to men, which reduces the male’s ability to take advantage, which keeps girls and women in the driver’s seat in their relationships.

I have more on this subject but inadequate time to get it organized and explained with the clarity I seek. Sorry, but the following will be more ‘miscellaneous’ in its identity.



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2338. Suggestions for Raising Children — Part XII

Tactical Parenting: Encouraging Sexual Restraint

Part XI posited that if mom knows more about how to succeed as wife, she is better prepared to teach daughters how to avoid the pitfalls of teen sex. It also cited some thoughts husbands expect and that make them happier in their homes.

Now for the other side of the coin. How did she get to be a wife? (Numbers are only for easy reference.)

  1. A suitable suitor finds in her qualities that he admires and that make her attractive and likeable enough to strongly desire to spend much time with her. She’s the scenic view for him to observe and take all in.
  2. Immediately if it’s love at first sight or later if not, he finds her far more likeable than others. Time spent with her morphs slowly or comes on quickly that she’s the only one for him. Out of that masculine conviction emerges his willingness to be exclusively loyal to her. He’s born that way: When things go according to his sense of integrity and what’s right, he’ll keep his part of whatever deal develops.
  3. She can screw it up if she tries to convince him of her value or promise that she reserves for him alone. He doesn’t actually care much for who she thinks she is, or her promises of what she can be to him. His self-interest is tied to how and what he figures out she can be to and for him. Sex plays but a minor role once he becomes totally interested in the promise he imagines.
  4. He quits examining her after conquest. He proved himself good enough for her. Consequently, he has little else to earn, learn, accomplish in order to keep her if he wants her.
  5. The longer she delays conquest, the more time he’s exposed to and discovers qualities he can admire, each of which becomes a virtues to him, and which over sufficient time compound into what men seek to marry, a virtuous woman. Their extended and chaste togetherness soon promotes her as unique among women and his judgment working in background causes unique to grow into fascination. A fascinating woman captures and holds a man’s intentions to go further with her.
  6. All of which merge into the promise he sees in her to add success to his present way of life and pursuit of his ambitions. After figuring the odds and guaranteeing himself of not making a mistake, courage encourages, and he takes the leap and proposes.
  7. Presuming she accepts, his job is done. He turns arrangements over to his fiancée and her mother, shows up at the altar on time, and begins marriage as if nothing else happens or matters. It’s a new life and he can handle it. Let’s get this living together underway, and he expects it will be the same forever after.
  8. Yes, I ignore the popular notion that marriage isn’t forever. Many terminations are the result of common practice to follow popular opinion rather than trusting one’s judgment; to blame rather than get along; to fault rather than work together; to demand rather than compromise; to ignore rather than follow the leader; to devalue compatibility rather than strengthen marriage; to cheat rather than respect; to fight rather than smooch; to grudge rather than pet; to sleep rather than make love.
  9. Both sexes are born to be compatible with a mate. The basic requirements are that marriage proceed under the indirect influence of wife trying to fulfill her childhood hopes and dreams, which requires that husband has indisputable and highly welcomed access to sex, which enables him to go along to get along, which promotes wife as very likeable and loyal to husband, which confirms his love of her.

How does she get to remain a wife?

  1. By matching, merging, and morphing his and her self-interests into the music of loving one another first and raising children as add-ons.
  2. Sorry, mothers, to be so blunt. But look at it closely. What happens when kids in the process of ever changing self-development are made more important than the husband-wife combination? Without preeminence in being right, how do parents breathe constancy and stability into their family? How do they generate loving survival with all the unpredictable and surprising changes that occur as kids move from inevitable immaturity and to hopeful maturity? Without husband-wife glue, marital instability follows, which means that teen immaturity continues, which means that daughters’ hopes and dreams go unachieved from lack of nurturing, teaching, leading, and coaching mostly by mom.
  3. She prepares daughter for a life that father expects to see. Peer pressure and mom not teaching her best often plow this female instinct under the dirt of daily life: Maturity is essential for the fulfillment of female hopes and dreams, so are boys and men, and so is the female’s ability to handle both to her advantage. Well-prepared teen girls fight to reach maturity rather than enjoy the immaturity fashioned by and upheld by boys intent on conquests and learning to be players.
  4. When wife isn’t loved sufficiently well by husband, what does she do? Often out of spite, she aims herself to more deliberately and expressively love her kids. It amplifies her self-importance and satisfaction and compensates for attention and appreciation so lacking from her husband. (I don’t alibi for men; some can be terrible mates until the females in their lives train them better.)
  5. More pronounced expressions of her love toward children weaken her expressions of love of husband. Kids become most important, which makes mothering more important than wifeing, which makes husband secondary, which makes wife a different woman than he married, which makes her less dependent on him for her self-importance, which makes her less valuable to help pursue his ambitions, which makes her less willing to accommodate his sexual interests in the home, which make her unnecessary if not expendable, which makes him venture into sexual thought outside, which inevitably leads to his cheating if they’re not already separated for other reasons.
  6. The self-fulfilling prophecy of marital separation—or living separate lives under the same roof—begins when wife finds fault in husband, blames him for insufficient attention and love, and compensates by turning to her kids to make herself feel better about herself.
  7. WADWMUFGAO, which energizes her to intensify expressions of love of kids at the expense of husband. It’s a pretty normal reaction, but by lessening her expressions of love of husband, she weakens that love and marital decay begins. IOW, marital success comes from only one combination of womanly love. The expressions of motherly love never cause the expressions of wifely love to deteriorate. In her heart, they are all loved equally but husband comes first in matters where he and kids are in competition for her attention, affection, or support. She’s the judge in the middle and always rules for what’s best for her future and lets the kids develop their own.
  8. Otherwise, when mother-love outweighs wife-love, her expressions become biased against husband, which makes him play second fiddle, which makes him jealous of offspring, which makes him want more of the kind of sex she no longer wants to give, which opens his eyes outside the home, which initiates thoughts followed by actual cheating, which opens the door to emotional infidelity, which kills the already squelched spirit of her marriage.
  9. Marriage comes before family and family before individuals. It’s what husband expects and is willing to devote his self-interest. If wife thinks otherwise, she’s more loyal to herself or kids or both. Thus, her likeability dissolves in husband’s eyes.

Mothers have the burden whether they accept it or not. They are responsible to teach daughters how to fulfill female hopes and dreams and thus amplify their own dreams.

The process in modern times means to bypass teen sex in favor of more permanent relationships. To do so, moms do best when they know and use their own experience in the successful handling of boys, men, and husbands.

This post covered how women get to be wives and how they sustain the respect of that lofty position. Tomorrow continues with a mixture of principles and conditions that provide more fodder for teaching girls.

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2337. Suggestions for Raising Children — Part XI

Tactical Parenting: Encouraging Sexual Restraint

Teens Mixed with Sex. This subject is so complex that I’m foolish to tackle it. However, I’ve come this far and ….

The series just continues to grow. At this stage it takes a lot of effort to peel off the layers and expose the real meat. So, I have again broken what follows into more articles.

Background. Millions of words written and spoken and millions of parental efforts have done nothing to halt the spread of girls earning boy-approval through sexual activity. WADWMUFGAO and adolescent immaturity leads to dreadful habits and long-range effects. Such as men addicted to porn, acceptance of cheating, women exploiting sexual assets but losing in the end, and women able to find marriage but unable to keep husbands and vice versa.

Cause and Effect. That background doesn’t sound all that bad since we’re so accustomed to it. But it causes us to overlook this critical fact. Wives and not single women shape how men think and respond to female interests.

Men marry virtuous women. Virtue is based on qualities that men admire. Men discover virtues while trying to bed a woman. While she refuses, he keeps looking for weaknesses to facilitate conquest. In the process he uncovers qualities that he can admire. Virtues accumulate as he keeps trying to bed her. Eventually, virtues compound into fascination, which eventually shows up as promise he sees in her to improve his lot in life. That’s the process. The motivational forces come from elsewhere.

Men seek to marry a virtuous woman for two reasons that vary from man to man. 1) She makes him look better to both himself and his competitive peers who judge him by his ability to capture and keep a beauty (at least in his eyes). 2) Men seek maximum quality from their investment of self.

Those are subsidiary reasons. The main motivator for a man to enter marriage is that he sees promise in a woman to excite his present life and help fulfill his ambitions for the future. If she can’t or doesn’t help him that way, the lure of sex with her won’t hold him very long. Sex does not bond men, and once conquered a woman becomes expendable even for trivial reasons.

The less that men see virtue in women, the fewer that marry. Marriage enables wives to influence husbands and the male gender. IOW, the less male admiration that women earn as both individual and gender, the fewer individuals find marriage, which transmutes into less female influence with men.

As we see today, the less indirect influence that fewer and fewer successful wives win for all women, the more that single women—with girls following suit—try to win it directly by yielding sex easily and cheaply. Of course it doesn’t work as they wish it. They ignore the inborn nature of males, who have little or no interest in female matters except for sex and however else women can make themselves promising to male interests.

It translates this way. Fewer marriages today means that men can’t find enough qualities to admire in women so that they see enough promise to venture into marriage. At least not enough that they find women likeable enough to pledge masculine willingness to be loyal to what they do find.

It brings us to the teen problem. Cheap and easy sex prevents marriage. Why do teens participate? Girls have no understanding about the connection between deferred gratification and fulfillment of female hopes and dreams. They just don’t know any better, and only mom with dad’s support can change it.

Child-raising. I call it teen risk-avoidance. Teach girls how to be good wives. Let girls—with routine guidance of course but no preaching—worry about how to avoid the mistakes growing up. A girl taught successfully to keep a husband via wifely leadership by example can learn how to handle boys, bullies, men, players, boyfriends, and fiancés. Of course, that’s not all. But when mom uses it for her strategy, she will finally hit all the bases without confusing daughter about self-development, which is her own responsibility for staying out of trouble.

So, I suggest moms develop a new strategy for bringing up daughters. What women do now ain’t working, is it? (Blog readers excluded of course.) Single moms have it worst. They have to start over with 1) the mistakes they made earlier. 2) An imaginary husband to use as role model for teaching. 3) Stop blaming men generally and especially the father of their children. 4) Find the blessings within both genders, regardless of how out of touch they appear today; teach from that. Otherwise, daughters have little recourse but to duplicate moms that have not been all that successful.

I suggest moms become better wives by learning to better handle their husbands, mates, or boyfriends as applicable. Then, they can teach daughters even as early as toddlerhood about men made better by mom’s attention rather than preaching the results of sexual adventuring.

How are toddlers supposed to learn about men? Mom reminds frequently how important her husband is as both mate and father. Mom teaches toddler how and for what to show gratitude to father. Mom demonstrates that her husband outranks father on matters of importance to the child. Mom teaches how to live up to something bigger or someone higher than self. IOW, how to sacrifice oneself on the altar of loving someone. It starts directly with appreciating father and the mother inherits child’s love indirectly by doing the right thing, which a child can recognize very early in life.

When wives do better keeping fathers in the home, daughters will pay more attention to how mom does it. When mom plays the happier tunes in the feminine juke box, father wants to join in, and daughter learns to dance to those harmonies.

So, here are some reinforcing thoughts for moms. Men are pretty happy by nature when they can be satisfied by what they see and not be harangued by contrary words. What do husbands need and expect? Some examples:

  1. Frequent and convenient sex is his due, he earned it by giving up his independence. To use it against him to get her way is to enter the on-ramp to the highway.
  2. For him to continue to see her as the likeable person, woman, and wife that he married and to whom he pledged his loyalty and faithful intention.
  3. For him to see respect, gratitude, dependence, and loyalty in wife’s actions and hear the same in her words.
  4. For her to appreciate his loyalty to her alone, as she measures it from his duties and similar actions that support her interests, such as mowing the lawn, cleaning her car, earning a pay raise, saving in order to buy first home, remodeling nursery for baby on the way, voluntarily tending an infant, tending mom when she’s sick or just ‘off her feed’.
  5. For him to be frequently reminded that both his job is vital and his absence acceptable. She depends on her rescheduling ability to preserve her importance.
  6. For him to see peace throughout his home, which is easiest developed when wife manages both blame and the term out of existence in the home.
  7. For her to regularly and routinely convince him that he’s both likeable and that she’s loyal to him in all his roles as person, husband, father, employee, friend, et al.
  8. For him to witness her trying religiously to earn his admiration by making herself more important to him in whatever opportunities arise.
  9. For both to understand that forgiveness may be impossible for him but easy for her. And that forgetfulness is easy for him but virtually impossible for her.
  10. For her to bless their home with feminine dignity wrapped in calmness, patience, understanding, and forgiveness. As one woman declared, femininity adds color to a man’s B&W world.
  11. He measures her trust of him by the way her actions make her appear totally trustworthy. She actually trusts him as part of her nature that tells her to show respect.
  12. She can and is expected to generate fairness throughout the family. Equality is impossible to achieve in human relations or immediately thereafter becomes inequality. Pursuit of it disturbs peace and harmony.
  13. For him, she should. But she never understands the belittling that follows her demands or nagging that he perform ‘woman’s work’ as he defines it. (Of course it may not be fair, but it’s the male nature to draw such distinctions, and after conquest men reserve the right to define their obligations.)
  14. For him to frequently be reminded by her actions that he’s excitingly competent in bed. When teaching daughters, it’s not about sex but about intimacy, touching, feelings, successful togetherness. The promise of permanency to fulfill hopes and dreams rather than the temporariness of teen hook ups and premature destruction of hopes and dreams.

There’s an old saying that two women can’t exist in the same home. The same applies to men when wife acts like a man. Here’s another axiom: It’s the wife more than the mother who keeps the father in the home. IOW, husband outranks father; the marriage is based on husband’s investments of self before father’s responsibility was ‘inherited’. Motherhood changes a wife, when husband expects her not to change. However, husbands of good character and wives of good conscience know how to balance the potential for such husbandly conflict.


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1181. Boot Camp for Girls—Day 18: Grandfather’s Advice #5

Precious granddaughter, I continue describing potential mistakes. In the words of a radio ad in my youth, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Fortunately, your parents have taught you to avoid what follows. Permit me, in the interest of eliminating ignorance, to describe what likely happens to a girl that experiments and participates sexually with boys.

Disease and pregnancy threaten but may or may not materialize. Mental afflictions, however, always arrive. They surround her mental processes, and reduce her abilities for the healthy development of her mind.

Sexual encounters contaminate a girl’s thoughts. Guilt impounds her conscience and smothers her ego. Self-talk distorts her hopes and dreams. It all works directly against a pleasant and enjoyable youth.

The earlier in life she encounters sexual experience, the more teen years are available for mistakes, guilt, and remorse to compound, worsen, and sicken her spirit. Moreover, the more encounters, the more severe the penalties she receives. Guilt is bad enough but other consequences afflict her.

  • She handicaps herself. She can’t associate normally with peers that are focused on developing and maturing themselves with adult skills, values, and attitudes.
  • Her mental maturation slows. After enough encounters it virtually stops. She then passes into her adult persona with mental development still locked in adolescence. Acting as mature adult women act and deal with the subject of sex seems foreign to her.
  • She absorbs a sense of girlish worthlessness except when desired sexually. It pushes her mindset to drop feminine and absorb masculine values.
  • The bloom of her self-respect wilts. It stops growing and narrows too, which reduces her influence with people.
  • Her sense of self-importance withers rather than grows with youthful exuberance. She tends to only feel important when sexually targeted, pursued, or engaged.
  • Her self-confidence rises when concerned with what she can give. It weakens when concerned with what she is due or wants or needs.
  • Her will power doesn’t mature. It doesn’t embolden her to resist masculine assaults on her feminine spirit.
  • She loses her ability to clearly define and commit herself to doing what’s right for her and her alone. She throws herself into living today and doesn’t invest herself in her own future.
  • She becomes afraid to refuse sex for fear of being disliked. Can promiscuity be far behind when teen girls are so plagued with anxieties?
  • Her thoughts and motivations weave webs to make herself worthy of others and make others like her. Her sense of personal values sinks accordingly.
  • Her hopes and dreams die as she shifts her hopes toward attracting and holding masculine attention today.
  • She turns more to thinking as boys think. She seeks more stroking of her ego, as she learns how to live with being treated like trash. She cries for attention.
  • After she enters the workforce, self-defense pushes her to adopt the strategy of ‘screw my way to the top’. She fails to develop belief in herself that she can do it any other way.

Honey, other girls must look out for themselves. You owe them respect as a person but little else until the bonds of friendship arrive in your life. However, reserve a lot of pity for the youngest girls that give fellatio and a lot of sorrow for those that do it in public. They doom their futures much faster and dramatically than other girls.

Tomorrow we’ll lightly touch on that powerful motivator of females, guilt.


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1180. Boot Camp for Girls—Day 17: Grandfather’s Advice #4

Honeychile, mistakes are the biggest penalty for being young. They flow quite naturally out of the ignorance of inexperience. So, let me help reduce some of your ignorance.

  • You have a strong need to both receive and deliver affection. You presume boys are the same. NOT! They differ. If you show affection, it’s natural for you to expect a boy to return it. However, you’re more likely to get what you don’t want. A boy’s motivations about physical sharing of affection will not match your girlish expectations.
  • Boys don’t need and often don’t want you downloading your affection on them. In particular, clinging vines are taboo except as they want to show you off in front of buddies. Deep inside their hormone-driven nature, boys see your outward displays of affection as prelude to foreplay. They invariably grab the opportunity and seek to go further.  
  • If you want to physically show affection and keep a boyfriend, then you will be expected to allow some foreplay. You should think it through very deeply. Once you start allowing foreplay, the pressures will never cease until you yield sexually. We all weaken under continually applied pressure. It’s a great reason to focus on building up the FRIEND side of boyfriend (without benefits). Doing so has this great benefit: You’ll learn much more about yourself and boys by refusing foreplay than you’ll ever learn by permitting it. That jewel-laden experience prepares you best for fulfilling your adult hopes and dreams.

Mistake prevention continues tomorrow.


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359. Sex and the fickle girl — Part 16

Mothers ignore Einstein’s claim that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Daughters suffer consequences, when mothers and daughters elevate popularity or anything else over virginity.

The male mind works like this regarding females:  Curiosity energizes his imagination. Knowledge about a particular thing stops curiosity, which stops his imagining about it.

Conquering a female goes step by step. For example, curious about boobs, imagine touching them. Feeling them up shifts his curiosity to exposing them. Seeing them makes curiosity shift to what’s next. But you know all that.

Imagination stirs hormones, knowledge calms them. Resurging curiosity keeps shifting a man’s imagination toward the next step for conquest.

  Male curiosity satisfied about any aspect of a girl becomes knowledge, which invites more curiosity and imagination about the next step toward sex, say boob exposure, which when satisfied invites more…. It doesn’t end until his conquest.

  As long as boys have to imagine about girls’ bodies, they stand in line to learn exactly what girls expect boys to do. This enables female dominance, which girls need to protect and promote their self-interest dealing with men.

  As long as boys have direct knowledge about a particular girl’s genitals, their imagination wanes, interest in her focuses only on the sexual, and male dominance explodes on a female countenance that will shortly reflect disappointment or worse.

When mothers and girls devalue virginity and virtual virginity, they empower boys to dominate girls. Once learned from the consequences, her lessons and his tricks imprint for life.

[Fifteen more posts about Sex and the fickle girl appear in the CONTENT page in the blog heading.]


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347. Abstinence Pays

Girlhood abstinence reduces male dominance.

As part of the sexual revolution, women abandon the lessons of their mothers and grandmothers. They exploit newly proclaimed sexual ‘rights’, and abandon the time-honored American female strategy of No Sex without Marriage.

But, they go too far. Feminism inspired greater sexual freedom for females, but women could not keep it from flowing to adolescent girls. The younger the females available to provide sex, the greater their sexual attraction to men committed to someone else. (Who says abstinence education for girls doesn’t pay off?)

If they choose, girls and younger women can easily disrupt tightly bonded marriages that appear unbreakable. Today they do choose. Many seek committed married men as already proven worthwhile for matrimony. Men separated and divorced remain unproven, and their value goes down relative to the still-married.

Girls and adolescent-minded women, such as college booty, lack maturity to undercut male domination. Mature females are fearful of losing their man. Consequently, females submit more easily to male domination in both the social and home arenas.


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