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476. Response to Viewer — Item 3

Easybreezy asked: What are marital benefits for women? Marriage:

J Adds backbone to the intentions and commitments of both partners.

J Adds cultural legitimacy and legality that reinforces husband’s mindset about personal responsibility.

J Brightens her future with a more deeply committed partner.

J Puts her on the right road for completing her life of meaning.

J Gives her a whole new set of priorities, options, and choices.

J Brightens her long range future and enables better planning to shape family life years ahead.

J Legitimizes her nesting rights.

J Shifts him more permanently into ‘us’ mode and out of ‘me first’ or ‘maybe us’ thinking.

J Encourages husband to prove himself to himself as personally responsible to produce, provide, protect, and problem solve for others. (But she has to enable it.) 

J Provides relationship platform from which to teach children all about life, family, togetherness, harmony, and personal responsibility for doing the same with their lives.


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337. Unsafe at Any Speed

When most females ‘put out’ easily and casually, sexual relations work against female safety. Males take rejection personal, as female condemnation.

Each attractive female has what he’s after, because male hormones push for sex. When sex is cheap, he looks for easy stuff rather than spin wheels screening for the female of his dreams.

Her rejection spawns bitterness, aggression, and violence. Rejection imagined as extremely personal turns boys, and those men who can’t handle it, toward extreme aggressiveness and even violence.

When No Sex without Marriage is the strategy used by most women and honored by girls, males do not so easily take rejection personal. If rebuffed, they assume her character and moral standards reject his invitation, so females are not rejecting him personally.

This turns men away from sex for its own sake and pushes them to compete for a woman with sex as follow-on. This requires and males accept that they suppress aggressiveness and violence. They make themselves more female-friendly.

In this way, the sexual habits of most females stifle male aggression and violence toward individuals.








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334. What men brag about

If mature men bragged about their wives, they would cite these things as great.

·        A feminine female easily recognized at first glance and reinforced over time.

·        A likeable partner proven to be so during courtship and continued after marriage.

·        A hard-headed date that protected her self-interests with charm and yet earned his enduring respect.

·        A grateful spouse shown by her potential guessed at during courtship and proven after marriage.

·        An appreciative lover as he imagined during the platonic phase of their courtship that she would become.

·        A robot of pleasantness, good will, cheer, and encouragement.

·        A conscientious wife that encourages him and adds to his importance and significance.

·        A soft-hearted and hard-headed mother to raise their kids.

Of course, mature men don’t brag about wives. Neither can they disclose full appreciation to their wife. Hormonal pressures prevent full disclosure. Unfortunately for females, it’s part of the ‘beastly’ side of male nature. 


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331. Do women know jack about Jack? — Part 19

♂♥ The male nature and conquering spirit tends to be uncivilized, ggressive, and even violent when challenged. Males are made otherwise by mothers nurturing in the weans, fathers leading in the tweens, and girls teaching in the teens. Adult women live with the consequences.

♂♥ It takes the female gender to tame and harness the male gender for brightening the future for individual women and children.

♂♥ If he expects her to share the financial load when dating, he’s not really into her and his attentions will not likely become what she wants to see. (If she wants to share the financial load, gift him some money divorced from dating expenses to “spend as he chooses.” What he does with it will tell her about his character and her importance in his life. She can then decide about their roles and future together.)

♂♥ Men bond better from a long process to get her into bed, than they do from conquest itself. The former requires investment of himself, the latter does not.

♂♥ His devotion reflects emotional fidelity. His commitment lacks that depth of meaning.

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323. Virtual Virginity #17

Women have superior and unique capability to deal with men, discriminate, make choices, and thereby guard their self-interest.

·        Refusing sex teaches females to judge males more accurately, and the more times the better. Rejecting a man teaches her how to get hit.  

·        Rejection comes across harsh, competitive, masculine, and personal. It offends a man’s dignity, which can bring out his worst side.

·        Refusal for sex without making it personal to him comes across firm but strongly feminine. This earns or retains his respect for her and reinforces her self-respect.

·        The outcomes of both rejection and refusal apply before or after conquest and even after marriage. The cusp lies between making it personal or not.

·        First refusal costs him little, except as he tries harder. Persistent refusal before conquest brings out his character. Nothing else early in a relationship so easily exposes a man’s strengths and weaknesses.

Women want to choose which men hit on them, so they take offense when others do it. This attitude prompts women to reject men personally instead of refusing them impersonally. Masculine violence rises against women that don’t honor the difference between rejection and refusal.

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321. Boob language — Part 13

o | o  Take modest, classy, and feminine apparel, combine it with exquisite personal grooming, and mix it with reluctance to uncover her inner self. These send many subliminal messages about her feminine mystery, gentle neatness, extra carefulness, public self-confidence, obvious self-respect, high self-esteem, strong self-image, sophisticated self-interests. She’s known as the greatest challenge to men: A woman so put together that she defies being conquered.          

o | o  Take radical attire and grooming, combine it with appearance detractors—rings, pins, tattoos, slovenliness—and mix it with eagerness to disclose and even expose her inner self. Such a female at any age sends messages about her self-loathing, dishonesty to herself, adolescent value system, rebellious spirit, disdain for all but her own in-crowd, disrespect for authority figures, contempt for parents, unwillingness to accept others, inability to love someone in a healthful manner. She puts radical fashion ahead of decency, popularity in the radical community ahead of respect of others. She’s seen as a castoff only for men that are losers in society: Conquering a woman that screwed up in the head is more burden than prize to the Right Man of another woman.

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320. Female Fortitude — 151 through 160

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide theme or summary of previous posts. The numbers match the source.

151.       Women dominate sex-free courtships.

152.       Experience with many sex partners hardens a woman’s heart.

153.       Easy marks for conquest earn high marks for dumping to the ex lane.

154.       His nature helps virtual virginity work for her.

155.       Duplicating the way men act ages women prematurely and leaves them with little grace and charm for their later years.

156.       He wonders if she is to be anything more than a sex target?

157.       Feminism produces unintended consequences because men don’t respond like feminists say they should.

158.       Providing sex can gain his commitment, but that’s far from his devotion.

159.       Modern pop music hardens the female heart.

160.       Modern women fish with an empty hook in the water, because men steal the bait—sex.

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