2868. Typical Male Behavior — 02

  1. A man’s love of a woman begins with his pleasing her while she remains relatively quiet about who she is and what she does. She focuses on listening and encourages him to talk about himself, which begins to earn his respect. Thus, she puts him in the seller role. She makes him work to figure out what she can mean to him. He has to earn her by investing and selling himself while she fills role of buyer. Of course, it takes a lot of time, patience, and self-respect for her, but it’s the kind of behavior that starts a man’s love to develop and grow.
  2. A husband’s present life depends on many things other than his wife’s love. His interests are bundled together such that wife never views them completely until they’ve been married for decades. Even then, she’s probably detected them more indirectly than directly. His interests are those things that make him satisfied with who he is, what he does, and who he does it with. After marriage, the main ingredients are his satisfaction with her, what she does, and living with her.
  3. If she loves him without his need of it, he can use it to facilitate conquest. If she yields sex early, he can dump her. He doesn’t bond with sex, and if it takes a while to conquer, he figures out before she yields just how she will end up afterward: keeper, booty, or dumpee depending on how much of himself he invests in her and how satisfying will be his continuing effort to associate with her.
  4. A man seeks to marry a virtuous woman, and a woman’s virtues are whatever qualities she has that earn a man’s admiration. He has little interest in what others call her virtues, unless everybody calls her beautiful. Figuring that it will take time, he delivers a concentrated effort aimed at capturing her for himself. As he uncovers new virtues, he gives up chasing sex with her and determines that she’s more valuable to him than sex with her. It may take awhile, but he likely proposes when he’s convinced living with her will be more satisfying that how he now lives.
  5. By chasing a man, she fails to earn his respect, which is the essential and primary foundation of a man’s love. She’s interested in sharing her love, finds a man, and showers him with all the love she has. She’s surprised to find that he’s turned off; he was the pursuer but her love isn’t attractive or appealing with her in chase mode. So, he conquers and dumps her, or so he quickly plans.


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8 responses to “2868. Typical Male Behavior — 02

  1. Dear Sir Guy,

    What you have said is really true.

    I find that my guy friends feel better about themselves when they give me practical help (which, as a lady, makes my life easier).

    But when I try to offer practical help in return (because in my mind I didn’t want to be a taker all the time), they seem less happy/keen about it.

    Your Highness Purplepeace,
    That’s because handy works for pretty and not the reverse and it’s neither a taker nor giver function. The male nature expects the weaker sex to take what costs a man virtually nothing to please a female.

  2. I was quite surprised. One friend was quite happy being very handy for me, and I decided to ask if he needed some handy help – and I sensed the broad smile dropped.

    I surmised just being my cheery and smiley self (and being teased) “helps” them more than any handy help I can give.

    It is really intriguing to see the natures of different genders so clearly in even platonic & everyday situations.

    Your Highness Purplepeace,
    A man teases a woman and she smiles in a special way that makes her prettier, which to a man is a great compliment that he can produce that response.

  3. Dear Sir Guy,

    (I hope you don’t mind commenting for the third time straight)

    but after reading your replies, I realised that by being a feminine girl true to her innate nature, life goes on smoothly with comparably less angst.

    She is pretty and spreads her joy abroad like a sunbeam. Everywhere she goes she receives attention and goodwill and help – like it just flows to her. She never strains or bends backwards to please people but yet people love her more than those people-pleasing girls. She is the envy of her female peers because she seems to get it all effortlessly.

    Your Highness Purplepeace,
    You got it, babe. I’ve been working for ten years to show that to women, and you express it perfectly in a few paragraphs.

  4. Shana

    “His interests are bundled together such that wife never views them completely until they’ve been married for decades.”
    This makes me wonder if many couples divorce prematurely. I’ve never been married so I don’t want to make the decision to divorce seem trivial. But women are now conditioned to expect their husband to be everything and meet every need NOW; even before they walk down the isle. And if they don’t, the marriage is over.

    Your Highness Shana,
    Yes, that is a popular condition brought on by feminist drivel about the worthiness of men.

  5. CartieB


    I just stumbled upon this fascinating article on how feminism is really an attack against women because ultimately, the higher powers want to destroy man and woman because both were created in the image of God.


    Your Highness CartieB,
    Your paragraph is a very accurate summary of the website, it’s most vital message. Well done, darling. I recommend it for everyone with your paragraph in mind.

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