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1960. Compatibility Axioms #322-330

A quick recap: God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize us to be compatible with a mate. We match up easily in many ways.  
322. Men are driven to overcome Nature and other barriers, compete with men, and shape human events. Women need a brighter future for them and theirs. Compatible matchup? [126]
323. Men just need a place to flop, eat, and throw their things. Women are driven to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones. Compatible matchup? [126]
324. Men want the freedom to pursue their nature as hunter-conquerors and target high value prey. For example, men don’t mount rabbit heads in their den or pursue women they find unappealing. Women want help when they need it in a world they cannot dominate. Compatible potential?
325. Women are born pretty. Men are born handy. Compatible matchup?
326. Women fear abandonment. Men fear insignificance. By promoting their man’s significance, women demote their fear. Compatible potential?
327. Men have a natural inclination for directness and impatience. Women are endowed with the talent for indirectness strengthened by patience. Their willingness to be flexible and negotiate enables them to gain ultimate influence in relationships to the advantage of them and children. Compatible potential?
328. Man-think primarily focuses men on the present. Woman-think primarily focuses women on the future. Compatible potential?
329. Women are motivated to enhance their sense of importance through relationships. Men are motivated to earn self-admiration through accomplishments. Compatible potential?
330. Women are naturally modest. Men are not but respect women for insistence on it. Compatible potential?


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1951. Favored Quotes—Collection 40

“As for me, my primary motivation for transforming my outer appearance was to NEVER LET MYSELF BE ECLIPSED BY ANOTHER WOMAN in my boyfriend’s mind. Of course, if I stand next to a movie star, I might not be as outstanding, but I am confident that my continuous efforts at perfecting my skills will make me a dignified lady next to her. I just never want my boyfriend to ever think that some other woman is so gorgeous BECAUSE of my sloppiness.” [SBaby at 806]

“Many, many women — perhaps out of their woundedness — advocate manipulation (instead of indirectness), aloofness (instead of principled feistiness), superiority (instead of respect), etc. The differences might sound minor, but my experience has been that they instead are a gulf… and one avenue leads women to crustiness and increased discontent, whereas the other leads them to gentleness and increased peace.” [Not-so-annonymous Anne at 1409]

“Men are powerful, and women are magical. [Breatheeatlive at 1904]

“And yet I know it’s not OK, and that it is not right that women should be pressured into a kind of “lease with option to buy” arrangement with their boyfriends in order to have a chance at marriage and family.” [Lisette at 1945]

 “I have to ‘play the game or stay on the bench’. The game being modesty and the bench being singledom.” [Brown_eyes at 1924]

“It’s the 10th day of my having adopted this philosophy and I’m still amazed by how my mood/confidence really rises and falls upon the degree of satisfaction and pride in my own appearance. I used to be guilty of taking shortcuts – I wasn’t a slob exactly – more of a 5/10 most days because I never thought of linking self-respect with personal prettiness, certainly not in the terms you’ve set out. I only bothered to dress up when I first started new jobs but inevitably, once the novelty and perceived need dwindled, so did my standards. Now it’s different – I can really appreciate the effect it has on my mood. When I’m very satisfied with my appearance, I genuinely am unaffected by what people think, whether it’s prompted by flattery, curiosity or envy. Compliments, when they come, are lovely but I don’t feel the need to seek them because I’m secure that I’ve met or exceeded my own standards for prettiness. One of my male colleagues told me I looked charming today. That’s the first time anyone (male or female) has said that about me and given the working culture I’m in, it was very nice icing on the cake! Thank you for making me realise that taking the time to make myself attractive isn’t trying to create what doesn’t exist, or mask faults, but rather to compliment, complement and highlight what I’ve been endowed with, and for which I am learning to be grateful!” [PeachBlossoms at 1146]

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1920. Compatibility Axioms #141-150

141. Male conquest is predominately a psychological victory. Later encounters with the same woman are physical. This makes their first sex together monumentally different from a couple’s subsequent sexual events. [91]

142. This works. Females are born hard-headed and soft-hearted. Their mother teaches them to balance mind and heart. Their father builds and reinforces their confidence in head and heart with his unconditional approval which daughter translates as love and respect. [89]

143. Feminine mystique, female modesty, religious morality, unconditional sexual fidelity, female-defined manners, and holy matrimony enable women to indirectly dominate interaction and values that shape relationships. Men deeply respect a woman that proudly and defiantly upholds an exceptional persona that men would not develop on their own. [89]

144. Mothers create alpha males. If father is an alpha and mother admires him to a fault, sons will likely duplicate father. If father is alpha but mother doesn’t hold him up as exemplary for sons to envy and copy, boys will likely become less than alpha. If father is non-alpha, the same things happen; boys become the men that mothers expect.

145. If she talks a man into marriage, it won’t last. A man’s devotion to marriage is very different from devotion to a woman. [91]

146. In the game of Desperation, men are the best readers and biggest victors. [91]

147. It’s every man’s nature to want to lay with attractive women. It offends his present woman when he insensitively reminds her of that side of his nature. [91]

148. Lengthy sex-free courtships teach males to do whatever they have to do to conquer a woman. Along the way this includes men changing their habits to match female expectations that—hopefully for women—arise from female-friendly and moral standards. [91]

149. Male freedom from womanly influence promotes greater male dominance. Female independence also promotes it. [91]

150. Males are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Mother softens their heart for dealing with women. Father tempers their hard-headedness for living with a woman. [91]


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1919. Compatibility Axioms #131-140

131. The rooster can’t crow boastfully, when he has to play second fiddle in the hen house. [75]

132. Men and women are so different hormonally and psychologically that couples succeed because of sex differences more than sameness. [75]

133. Guilt powerfully motivates women, but men not nearly as much. Laying guilt on a man produces unintended consequences, usually bad for a woman. [89]

134. Happiness flows from one’s gratitude. The unhappy wife has not used her mind to embed enough gratefulness into her heart. It’s not so much what she’s grateful for, it’s that she find or create gratitude in ever broadening ways for ever more important things. [89]

135. Any female eagerness to hook up, couple up, or shack up shifts game rules toward the masculine side of life and severely weakens the woman’s influence for shaping their future together. [89]

136. Enduring love that lasts for a woman’s life is primarily built around her gratefulness for whomever and whatever fulfills her need for a stable future. [89]

137. Female promiscuity now floods the social marketplace. Social damage flows from the de-civilizing effect it has on males, which breeds male aggression, family irresponsibility, and violence against women and children. [89]

138. Feminine charm that commands masculine respect flows out of natural femaleness such as feminine mystique, female modesty, unconditional faithfulness, need of religion, pleas for morality, and an uplifting spirit for both life and people. All of which are foreign to the male nature and self-interest except as they learn differently from females in their lives. [89]

139. Feminine mystique is whatever a woman does that stimulates curiosity and keeps a man guessing, defensive, and unsure of her values and intentions about his role in her life. [89]

140. Girls appearing and acting as sluts lather grief all across their father’s pride and sink his significance as a parent. A man’s greatest fear is insignificance. If daughter kills it, he may take it out on her mother or seek admiration elsewhere. [89]


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1189. Boot Camp for Girls—Day 26: Graduation

Girls have an instinctive ability to handle boys. However, many lack enough talent and skills to win consistently. New knowledge improves talent and broadens skills. So, squeeze this baker’s dozen of truisms into your thinking of the future.   

  1. HardToGet keeps a girl in the driver’s seat. Non-passionate relations make the best bus tires for rolling over the hottest boys.
  2. Self-respect counts most in a girl’s character. Without it, self-confidence plummets. Earning self-confidence builds self-respect. So, she gets what she earns as she pursues her hopes and dreams.  
  3. A girl’s happy future with a happy mate depends more on his integrity than anything else. Integrity strengthens mutual respect, commitment to marriage, devotion to her, and his vow-keeping.
  4. A busted courtship shouldn’t be such a big deal. Multiple courtships pay off. Her man’s character depends on her making enough wrong judgments to learn how to choose the best man for her.
  5. Ladylike behavior, high modesty standards, and moral expectations stir men to be gentlemanly in a woman’s presence. It also works for girls.  
  6. A boy takes interest in a girl for two prime reasons. Fixation on sex energizes him temporarily. Desire for her admiration focuses him on long-term possibilities. If she enables the former, she can forget the latter.
  7. Self-respect fades when you give what you oughtn’t, do what you shouldn’t, or suffer what you needn’t.
  8. Do what’s right, avoid what’s wrong, but more importantly, always do what you should.
  9. Kissing does matter. Sensuous suggests the rightness of you for him. Passionate suggests the rightness of him for sex.
  10. Guilt guides your life, so start now affirming your intention and ability to do what you should. Most importantly, learn to forgive yourself and don’t look back. Old guilt leads to depression when loaded with doubt about how you previously handled it.  
  11. A boy respects what he can’t conquer. He respects chastity in general and especially a girl’s abstinence with him. A man’s love rests on a firm foundation of respect for a woman. Boys want sex, and so he keeps trying. Where else can she get enough respect, unless she keeps denying sex but not disrespecting his trying?
  12. Feminine beats plain femaleness. Mystery beats full disclosure. Modesty beats masculine morality. Monogamy beats sexual freedom. All of it makes males back off from their naturally dominant personas, which helps fulfill female hopes and dreams.   
  13. If you can train boys to follow your conscience, you’re well on the way to excellent relationship expertise.

Congratulations to everyone that completed boot camp. Only you know who you are but reward yourself some way. I’m proud of you.

Regular WWNH broadcasting resumes tomorrow.


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801. Boob Language — Part 23

  • Modern women attire their upper bodies as if boob quantity counts more than quality, as if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Modesty and unique breast line shaping reverse that thinking among men.
  • No surprise: Exposed skin diverts his curiosity away from her non-sex attributes. Surprise: Sex satisfies his curiosity instead of shifting it onto her other qualities. 
  • Modest attire, grooming, and non-sexed up attractiveness is the only thing other than ugliness that diverts his sex drive to the back of his mind. (Not to claim that’s all he thinks about, but that she should expect everything to remind him of it, and she controls best with feminine modesty AKA her signs and symbols of personal restraint and supposed disinterest.)
  • The movies show women attacking a man to expedite getting to intercourse, for example ripping off his clothes. It’s probably good for box office draw, but in the real world such a woman voids that man’s respect. (He thinks: If she’s that eager for sex, she’ll not discriminate with whom she does it. So, I’m certainly not special, just a tool. But that’s alright for now; I’ll take it.)
  • Women copy masculine practices. They rely on unappealing clothing and choose carefree or careless grooming. They go along to get along, and after conquest have to get up and go along.


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680. Respect Revisited — III

Respect, disrespect, and lack of respect determine outcomes. Her choices make much bigger differences than do his. His nature tells him that women can’t compete on significant strengths. Therefore, they’re not equal on others. It’s subliminal, but it determines why women have to earn a man’s respect. When he admires her strengths, she’s winning his respect and time reinforces it.   

♦       If a man initiates pursuit for sex, she earns respect with responses that leave him so unfulfilled that he persists in ‘decoding’ who and what she really is as a person. Her strengths that deter him. Being difficult to figure out earns masculine respect, and this makes mystery and female modesty work so generously for her.

♦       Once a woman commits to a man, he fully expects her unequivocal and undying respect. Her commitment means he’s done all the earning he has to do.

♦       Sometimes, unfortunately, a man fakes whatever earns her respect. She commits, and then his real Self shows up. He’s not due the same respect as before, but he still expects what she previously showed. Battles or worse arise.

♦       Wives refuse sex to their husband, not once or twice, but as frequent practice. They claim personal reasons or seek to manipulate him, but her intentions don’t guarantee outcomes. Her refusals equate to lack of respect for him, which equates to loss of self-respect, which energizes husband to look elsewhere to restore it.


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668. Response to Viewer — Item 18a

Her Highness Easybreezy, in response to the muumuu article (666) asked:

“What about sports like tennis, skating, gymnastics, equestrian, etc in which women show legs, body etc in tight fitting uniforms?”

Don’t take anything below to suggest that women should not participate in sports or exercising. More should do so.

I will assume and address this situation: A guy tries to get to know a gal in or around her exercise or sports event.

·        Let modesty be her guide. If she lacks it, she should invent some.

·        Men love skimpy apparel, so get his mind off her body. She can’t do it associating in the near-buff.

·        Keep him mentally off-balance. Smile and insist that he wait until she showers and dresses. Then they can chat.

·        For the chat, keep herself business-like including an early departure. Make him wait until next time to get all his points across.

For women looking for a potential Mr. Right, much more is involved in projecting and protecting her interests while in high-level physical activity. But that’s for later articles 670 and 671.


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