1928. Compatibility Axioms #191-200

191. Both change after their first intercourse together. He changes for the worse for her; she changes for the better for him. She pays the price, but he gets the reward.  [101]
192. Men do whatever they have to do to have frequent and convenient access to sex. They marry if it’s not available outside of marriage, which makes it very normal for women to avoid premarital sex. [101]
193. Females are in charge and dominate the unmarried sex scene, until they yield to males and lose some respect and much leverage. [101]
194. Men marry expecting to dominate the marital sex scene, unless she conquers him for marriage before he conquers her for sex. [101]
195. The more that boys lose intense ‘battles’ with girls to get sex during adolescence, the more that boys respect females. They learn from being denied that females generally have other things they value, think, feel, need, want, crave, aspire, dream, and pursue and that grown men can respect. [101]
196. Girls teach boys to respect females or boys never learn to be female friendly except for sex. Consequently, women ‘inherit’ and must deal with whatever their generation of girls turned boys into during the hormone hurricane of adolescence.  [101]
197. Small breasts have great value. Proportionately the erogenous zone is more attractive and more easily attracts a man’s hand to tweaking and pleasing her instead of cupping or playing to please himself. [102]
198. Large-breast fixation in a man is just adolescence grown older, which makes enlargement self-defeating for women who hope to capture and keep the more mature man. [102]
199. Living with or chasing women with small breasts signifies the man is more likely to forsake adolescent immaturity and approach sexual activity more maturely.  [102]
200. Women are not ignorant about men, but much of what they know is wrong. They ignore the male nature in favor of expecting what women want to see and hear. With their natural relationship expertise thus weakened, they make mistakes dealing with their man. [103]

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