2039. Old School Movie: The Moon is Blue

Attention, Ladies,

I was recently captivated by an old school movie I’d never seen. The producer must have caught the censors napping. It’s much unlike other flicks from 1953. Not dirty but virginity is discussed, and it seems mild by today’s standards.

Darling of a fictional heroine, never-famous Maggie McNamara is given a superlative role and plays it beautifully. Heavyweight casting against her. She’s up against William Holden and David Niven in The Moon is Blue.

Her directness works very well in the movie; it’s entertaining. But in real life, I don’t think women could get by with it. I don’t suggest her character as role model, but recommend the movie just to enjoy an unusual story told very well about a different kind of woman.

I couldn’t find it on Netflix but didn’t look elsewhere.




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14 responses to “2039. Old School Movie: The Moon is Blue

  1. surfercajun

    found this…… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0046094/

    Would they have been satisfied if she had called herself a slut?
    9 February 2003 | by Leslie Howard Adams (Texas) – See all my reviews

    “The Moon is Blue” was denied a Production Code seal and the refusal was upheld upon appeal to the board of the Motion Picture Association, primarily because the character played by Maggie McNamara announced that she was a Virgin and intended to remain one until she was married. The words virgin and seduction were used frequently in this film that was mainly a comedy about being occupied or pre-occupied with sex and,for those reasons it was denied approval, and it was released and shown minus approval. It wasn’t the first film to be denied a Production Code seal, but it was the one that led to the ultimate demise of the power of the Hays Office, the Legion of Decency and various local blue-nose censor boards to determine what could not be said or done on screen.


    http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/83928/The-Moon-Is-Blue/… this has a movie clip and trailer. Looks like it will be playing on Sept 2 on TCM

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    I love it when pretty women fill in all the blanks for me. Thanks a lot.

  2. MLaRowe

    The minute you said William Holden I was sold. No worst than sold, unable to think of anything else but watching this. Have to go and find this right now.

  3. cocoa

    Sir Guy and all ladies out there, this is bizarre!
    I was thinking to post a question to ask about some nice old movies. I have watched a lot in my native language, but very few English/American movies.
    as mentioned before I rarely watch tv but if good people like this blog s audiences recommend some for me I would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Try these articles, 1369, 1242, 1224, and 541.

  4. Thanks! I’m definitely checking it out.

  5. Cynthia

    Can I please request something of you? It’s me. Love grows.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been so active. I saw your email the other day asking us It’s just I was in a domestic violence situation. My boyfriend whom I live with. I am now moving out. And I’m so sad. But. I asked God to help me find a way out. And maybe this is just what I needed to know I can’t be here anymore.

    Anyway. Your voice has always been one of reason. And also you are a guy. And I haven’t had many guys in my life treat me lovingly or with respect. Starting with my father. Who beat me. So I suppose this is no surprise.

    So. It would be so very nice if you could please say a little prayer for me. And if you could send me a little hope that I will be ok. I know you are Christian and so am I. And it would be so nice if you could pray for me. Basically I could just really use some kind words from someone who is kind to women and whom I admire.


    • Cinnamon


      Praying for you now and believe others reading will do the same.

      Try to come here for encouragement because this blog will help give you strength to know you have intrinsic value and are loved by God regardless of what you have been through or are going through,

      • Anne

        Yes, just what Cinnamon said! I am praying for you as well & hoping you continue to visit this blog to be empowered by hard-headedness and soft-heartedness!

    • gonemaverick


      you have moved out. that is a great first step to a new and better life. “recovery is everything.” read up on everything Sir Guy has written here. make your mind and personality over. it may take a while to see results but oh! what fun when you see them and see guys you never thought would give you a second look fall over themselves to win your approval.

      keep the faith.


    • Cinnamon

      Just bumping Cynthia’s post which due to the high volume of discussion/debate on the “He Always Pays” article probably got lost in the shuffle.

      Knowing Sir Guy, he will probably have specific points to offer here in addition to what the rest of us said, including Gomemaverick’s excellent advice.

      Cynthia, gonemaverick is right – you have a great future – the tools for your recovery with men are all here in this blog. Sir Guy’s methods WORK – so many of us can testify to this.

    • Dear Cynthia, I am praying for you and happy for you. I was in a violent situation with my husband. We are separated and working on things. I am glad that you are a Christian. The Lord Jesus Christ is your primary source of comfort and wisdom, but reading here will also give you great tools. You were created with a purpose, a destiny and I pray that as you set boundaries in your life you will realize them all. You are greatly loved!!

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Highness Cynthia,

      I regret I didn’t respond sooner on the blog. Thank Cinnamon for tipping me to my slip up.

      My prayers have started. I presume you’ve moved out and congratulations for that.

      I suggest that you set yourself up to accomplish these objectives. Spend hours just thinking about what you read, study, and think. Raise your sights such that you become a better woman, because that’s the surest road to finding a better man.

      1. Normally, women in your position take on a load of guilt. “If only I….” had done this and that, hadn’t done this and that, should’ve done this and that. Stop it. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why recovery is everything. Remember also, this too shall pass.

      2. Your recovery depends first and foremost on this. You must seek God’s forgiveness for doing wrong by Him. Then, you must forgive yourself for doing wrong for yourself. It really is simple. You only have to be sincerely contrite and ask God to forgive you and He will do the rest. However, it’s tougher forgiving yourself. I suggest you do it by sincerely confronting your mirror image, be sincere with your best friend who appears there, and convince yourself that you forgive yourself. As long as guilt plagues you about the situation you just got out of, continue seeking your own forgiveness—and God’s too if you lack faith that he did it the first time you asked. Even if it takes months, keep asking God and yourself.

      3. Develop a new attitude that convinces you that you’re not just hardtoget but impossible until a guy proves himself worthy of you—first for a date, then as a girlfriend, then for a courtship, then for engagement, and then for marriage. Make him qualify to your values and standards at every step. If guys won’t respect your wishes before marriage, they won’t after marriage either and so they are not good enough for you.

      4. You are a princess, but you have to claim it, live it, and prove it to yourself first. When you’re feminine and princess-like, guys will treat you politely and more than decently. You have to earn it with values, standards, and expectations that men admire.

      5. Princesses avoid sex and lose their eagerness to easily associate with men. Men have to earn them. They have to prove to each princess that they are worthy of royalty. Make yourself the buyer, make each man prove he can sell himself and you insist that he do it. Your refusals to play the man’s game will earn you respect of those men who think you worthy of investing their time, effort, and money. Guys that don’t respect you for standing up for yourself are not into you but only after sex and a temporary arrangement with you.

      6. Make yourself more feminine in dress, modesty, and behavior. Trust your heart more than your mind and especially what others tell you. Read these series: Boob Language, Virtual Virginity, and Self-gratitude. If you’re very young, under 21, study up on Boot Camp for Girls to see what you were never taught—effectively at least—in childhood. (All series are listed in the CONTENTS page at blog top.)

      7. In all likelihood you have feminist leanings if not devotion to Feminism, which is the polar opposite of Femininity. You have adopted many feminist values and expectations that you don’t even know that you have. So, also read the series Dark Side of Feminism.

      8. Finally, I strongly suggest that you learn to spend time each morning seated at the mirror as I describe in several articles about it. Start with these and those mentioned therein, 1752 and 1440.

      Cynthia, recovery is yours to earn. Prayer has gained you God’s blessings, now it’s up to you. Good luck should be reasonably assured because prayer continues.


      • cocoa

        Sir Guy, you are a good man and good men are rare. Very rare.

        Your Highness Cocoa,

        Thank you, darling. All credit, however, goes to the blenders and shapers of my character—Jesus Christ over the course of 32 years and Her Majesty Grace during 59 years of marriage.

        Amazing, is it not? When Christ lives in the heart of women, their men become good men. It works like this. Men are born to BE good and earn it when they DO good. Quite opposite, women are born to DO good and so they lead, drive, urge, push, coax, coach, and otherwise induce men to DO good. By doing that for men, women BECOME good. To BE or to DO good, it works in opposite directions. Men and women remain very, very different.


    • MLaRowe

      Prayers to you, your situation and for your future. Treat yourself kindly during this time.

  6. Cinnamon

    A film I would like to recommend is “Cinderella Man” with Russell Crowe. It is a sad film in many ways but is a beautiful depiction of a marriage.

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