1841. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 79

For a manly hail and farewell, a firm handshake or high-five does quite well for men. However, as women go so goes society. Falling into the feminist trap of making men and women more alike, men even hug men as matter of fashion and copying women.

Touching reassures females and hugging convinces they are important. Women take it a step further. They initiate hugging men and expect affection without regard for masculine arousal that comes from touching females. Hugging a woman—and having to keep it innocent—smacks too much of both duty and restraint imposed by the feminist ethos.

Further fallout from Feminism instigates many social and domestic disharmonies. Among them:

  • Providing sex is the way to a man’s heart, which erases the traditional ‘through his stomach’. It justifies women leaving the kitchen but also teaches them wrongly about the masculine heart.
  • Morals are good or bad according to whether they favor or disfavor Feminism’s revolutionary agenda.
  • Feminist ideology and politics promote squabbles among couples.
  • Women aren’t satisfied to indirectly rule the rooster and let him appear to rule the roost. Women expect to rule the roost in appearance too.
  • Support and encouragement of feminist objectives is more important than manly character. Women pay little attention to the character of men. They don’t highly value that which so easily connects them with men of high quality (defined as super friendly for helping fulfill female hopes and dreams).

American culture evolved out of Christianity and Judaism. Both are male dominated religions. Yet, American society morphed into our Judeo-Christian culture under wifely dominance, until feminists returned dominance to men through Feminism and its revolutionary theories.


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3 responses to “1841. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 79

  1. Sharon

    Sir Guy, are you “hard and fast” about men shaking hands rather than hugging? Military who have fought side-by-side, experiencing pain and loss, hug each other, don’t they? What about in-law parents who “share” sons and daughters? Okay for those parents to hug each other because of family ties and shared trials? Is a sideways hug (e.g at church) still too suggestive between males and females? If a man initiates a hug on greeting or parting, whatever his age, should a woman view that as nearly always inappropriate? Do you suggest specific guidelines in this matter of hugging? Thanks for taking time to respond.

    Your Highness Sharon,

    My context is different than you presume. Custom that has arisen out of Feminism induces men to abandon their nature and copy women in hugging one another on greeting and parting.

    Re your questions, custom dictates that the choices are personal.

    Re my opinions, I’m against men hugging other men. To females it signifies that men are more feminine than masculine, more alike than different from women. I also disfavor hugging between men and women with no family or dating connection.

    I guess I’m a romantic in this case. Ladies and gentlemen don’t hug. A handshake is quite sufficient. Feminism killed the concept of lady and gentleman, and women took to hugging men for the slightest reasons. At the same time, fashion became custom for cheap and easy sex. I see this connection: Hugging other men causes women to weaken their emotional connection to boyfriend or husband. At the same time, men receive the message that a woman hugged isn’t against his becoming aroused; she may actually want it or enjoy the tease.

    Oh, I know it’s all nice and friendly, that friendly hugs aren’t romantic. But Nature works this way: Women feel important when hugged by men. When men hug a female their thoughts go toward sex. They judge a ‘huggee’ as either desirable or undesirable sex target. Subsequent hugs confirm or question initial judgments.

    Over more than five years I have blogged about the natural differences between the sexes and conclude this: Premarital and extra-marital sex demean the female gender in the eyes of the Marrying Man, the guy seeking to marry for life and help a woman raise their offspring. Hugging the opposite sex conveys subliminal thoughts that promote both pre- and extra-marital sex.


  2. Sharon

    Sir Guy, yesterday’s post, citing the connection with the feminist agenda, had really jarred my thinking. Thank you for taking time to answer my questions and for being thorough and articulate in your answer. You are a light on a hill.

  3. Anon...

    I also against men being too huggy with each other unless they know them AND its done in a masculine way. I get worried about our culture when masculine women and feminine men take over even non homosexuals. Boys need to become gentlemen and girls, ladies

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