2122. Alibi for Men?

Do I alibi for men? Probably. Do I alibi for women? Definitely. I know women repeatedly ask me to tell men what they do wrong in women’s eyes. I can answer that directly. I can’t produce results. Men don’t even want to listen, much less accept what other men say about women. Except of course, as they talk, tout, and tip about sexual suggestibility or availability of other than their own woman.

If men wanted to hear about what does and doesn’t work associating with women, more would comment on this blog. But they don’t. It’s self-demeaning to even show interest, like asking for directions, to reveal that they don’t know the essentials at least and the ultimate at best. What a guy may lack in one thing, he expects to compensate with his best or overall traits, skills, and worth. IOW, he’s totally equipped with all he needs. Faking something is preferable and easier than admitting shortcomings, which invariably somehow can be traced to some or imagined lack of sexual potential. And for whatever else they may lack, men keep that hidden first and always.



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16 responses to “2122. Alibi for Men?

  1. Eric

    “If men wanted to hear what does and doesn’t work in associating with women, more would comment on this blog.”

    I think the reason why more don’t is because you tell them what they don’t want to hear. On another post you said:

    “Cheap and easy sex has taught modern men that they don’t have to stand on their own two feet and deal with women as bold, upright, principled and admirable characters with integrity spouting from every pore. Instead, they spread the word on how better to deceive, lie to, and manipulate women who are also guilty of acting more like the opposite sex.”

    A lot of men would rather hear how to get cheap and easy sex rather than the work it takes to build an actual relationship.

    Sir Eric,
    Thank you. Your contributions continue to be highly significant.

    • Eric

      Sir Guy,
      Well, I’m speaking from experience here. LOL I didn’t want to hear it either when I first came here, but I needed to hear it.

  2. Adam

    What? Are you a lunatic? There are TONS of guys looking for a quality girlfriend. I am one of these guys. I would be overjoyed to find a girl for a low drama monogamous relationship with mutual love and respect. Overjoyed.

    But what I have found is the advice given by male feminists like yourself and even my dear female friends goes beyond simply being ineffective but actually REPELS women. So why waste time talking to women and male feminists about this? Why follow advice that is guaranteed to get a woman who you really care about to run away.

    Sir Adam,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another good man joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    However, name calling disqualifies you for nothing else on this comment. I save it for your next comment below.


    • Lady Penelope

      Sir Adam
      I assume you’re new to this blog therefore you might not be aware that Guy is not a male feminist as I assume you suggest. If you have a moment to spare, perhaps you could study relevant posts such as “23 Dark Side of Feminism etc.” for e.g. on the Contents page, to learn where Guy stands on the feminist matter…

  3. MLaRowe

    Eric, you are a star. Sir Guy if you really are in WVA you are only a stones throw from me and I’d love to take you to dinner (with my husband of course) if you are ever up in Buckeye country. Over and over I’ve said thank you prayers for the many things I’ve learned here at wwnh.

    Oh also I think you should know that I sincerely believe that some of the finest people in the entire country are in the state of West Virginia. Hope you like your new house.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,
    Thank you, darling. I love it when pretty women show off their neighborliness.

    P.S. I have an interest in Columbus. If you should live nearby perhaps….G.

  4. Adam

    When I was in my early 20s, many years ago,I really, really wanted a girlfriend but it never got past the first few dates. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I checked with all my female friends extensively. They gave me all kinds of advice but this wasn’t solving the problem. And to make the problem even worse I was a male virgin. So between that and the horrible advice I would regularly get dumped after one or two dates. Anyway eventually I got tired of women running away and started to study pickup. Right after that I had my first relatively long term relationship of 4 months and lost my virginity.

    And it all happened because I stopped listening to women and instead started being the guy they really want.

    Sir Adam,

    Neither of your strategies produce what you seek. Your future is not brighter for what you’re after. But you know that or I wouldn’t be called a lunatic and male feminist.

    Women don’t really want what you now think they do any more than what they told you before.

    I’ve explained it in dozens of articles and comments over seven years. You’ll have to find and read how to do what women want in their man. They can’t express it, because they’ve been propagandized by Feminism, pop culture, and men intent on keeping cheap and easy sex on the daily plate.

    Article 2105 may make a good starting point. Then look for other articles in the CONTENTS page. Learn yourself first and become a better man. A good woman will find you.


    • Eric

      You’re shooting yourself in the foot. All PUA teaches you about women is how to substitute quantity for quality. You’re NEVER going to find ‘a girl for a low drama monogamous relationship’ this way because PUA appeals to the very types of women who are the opposite of that. In fact, though you get a lot of easy sex now, you’re going to find yourself locked into an ever-tightening downward relationship spiral with lower and lower value women.

      It’s actually BETTER for a man to stay celibate and wait for a quality woman than it is to follow PUA tactics. All this is going to do for you is bring into contact with a lot of less-than-desirable women, while moving you further and further away from your stated goals.

      • surfercajun

        Gentleman Eric,

        clicked *like*

        Everyone one have a nice Christmas?
        Happy New Year everyone!!!

      • Adam

        Eric and Guy,

        With all due respect, I am looking for a strategy that will lead me to a nice drama free relationship with a woman who actually sticks around. I respect your point of view and you make good points.

        But in my experience, I have never seen the strategy of “waiting for a good woman” to work. Perhaps it has worked for you, but it never has for me. I don’t believe in being abusive or hating women, I love women. But I love them enough to understand that they were deeply turned off and repulsed by the person I used to be. They loved me as a person, I would get told all the time what a great catch I would make for some lucky girl. And I have found that changing my attitude has made ALL the difference. Another thing that made a difference is systematically lying to women about my sexual hisotry, something I learned about from the PUA culture. In fact the girl I lost my virginity to never knew and will never know.

        I would absolutely love to live in a world where the nice, respectful gentleman who treats a woman well always gets the girl like in the romantic movies. I sincerely wish I lived in that world. But I don’t.

        • A.GuyMaligned

          Sir Adam,

          Perhaps then, you might join Eric and a few other men. Stick around and frequently expound your frustrations and yearnings on this blog. Women have not listened to good, well-meaning, female-friendly men for several decades. You can help turn the relentless feminist tide. True gentlemen have a unique ability to persuade females, even those who have yet to learn the long term marital benefits of being ladies.

          It’s not an easy task. As women go, so goes society. In the past ladies guided men into being gentlemen. There’s always hope the process can be reversed one couple at a time. The thought keeps this blog rolling.


          • Eric

            I haven’t been on this blog very long and already what I’ve learned here is bringing me closer to the goals you mentioned that most of what’s taught in the Manosphere. Admittedly, I was never a fan of Game/PUA but leaned MGTOW.

            The problem with most of what is taught in the Manosphere is that they teach that women are essentially the same and that gender relations can’t be fixed. Now you’ve evidently read a lot of Game/PUA blogs: how many of those men have the kind of relationship you desire? Answer: ZERO. This is because they start out with the premise that ALL women are low-status/low-value and incapable of changing for the better or offering men anything more than sex.

            Here’s what one such blogger had to say just today:

            “When it comes to sexual attraction, women don’t give a d—n about saving the world or keeping the lights on. Unless you’re a rock star, an actor, or a CEO, no woman wants to have sex with you because of your livelihood or because of your positive contributions to society.”

            What kind of woman matches that description? Nobody worth marrying or even having as a girlfriend. Yet that statement exemplifies exactly how Game/PUA sees ALL women.

        • Lyndeeloo

          “Another thing that worked is systematically lying to women about my sexual history…”

          In what way has that worked? Have you found love and respect from the woman you want to marry and bear your children? Has it gotten you laid by women who are no longer around?

          The following is my opinion and may not be shared by other women, but if I trusted and respected and loved a man enough to be intimate with him and later found out he lied to me, my heart and trust would be broken and I would not want a future with him.

          Am I misunderstanding what your goal is, Adam? I’m so confused. What I know of the feminine heart (of the tender and loyal feminine heart) convinces me that a man who cannot be himself–whatever his past and present were and are–is ashamed of himself and cannot be trusted.

          If it was the loss of your virginity you were after, OK, I get it. That behavior (lying about “experience”) is common. If you were truly after that woman–for herself and not for sex–I am utterly confused by your tactic.

          I know certain women who are impressed by a man with “experience” but they are often not looking to settle down and be loyal wives and mothers. I think sex–in and of itself–is one thing. Love and respect are not born of dishonesty.

        • surfercajun

          Sir Adam,

          I appreciate the old movies in which you speak of. I know there are men like you out there that really care. Please allow me to encourage you to hang around. 🙂

  5. My Husband's Wife

    Christmas blessings and a Happy New Year to all! I’m so looking forward to another year of continuing education here at WWNH. This blog has been one of the greatest gifts in my life after stumbling upon it a year or so ago. Strangely enough, I found this site after praying for wisdom, knowledge and understanding in being a better wife to my husband. My life has changed dramatically—for the better—as a result in many ways.

    Sir Guy, this post is crucial for every woman to understand—that men are not relationship experts. Newsflash: Men and women are different from each other! When talking with women who are sharing their relationship problems, most of will not even think of taking on the role of relationship expert. I hear, “But why should I have to do xyz!!!!” By not doing so, I see them render themselves helpless and powerless and ultimately end up miserable. It’s terribly frustrating to hear, but now I have some new ammunition with this post!

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Thank you for reinforcing this thought. When women blame men they relieve themselves of responsibility to act differently and move toward misery.

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