2200. Modern Times: Core, Cause, Correction

Human relations are much like the earth. Buried deep beneath the surface of pop culture, churning magma of Feminism, and mantle of shifting political plates lies the solid core of human relations. The hard core splits and shatters from so much turmoil above.

Modern pressures split and shatter relationships.

  • Born to earn happiness, women can’t find it because they can’t find gratitude for themselves as individuals. They blame men. It relieves their egos by expecting others to demonstrate their gratitude rather than finding it within themselves. However, finding it within themselves provides women both a good base for finding gratefulness for others and an independent spirit that men admire, call virtue, perceive as unique and fascinating, and contribute to a man’s view of her promise as an ideal mate. (A review of both Mirror Time and Female Blessing at Birth is appropriate to go with this post.)
  • Women put too little or no value on what they do in life. They find excuses for their endeavors to earn credit for or within themselves. They use others to measure their effectiveness in life. It’s self-destructive thinking brought on by the ease and eagerness to blame men for female disruption and distress, just as the modern political class has programmed them.
  • Being much simpler, men are born to earn satisfaction. They naturally find it in their work but not today in their lives or wives. They blame women because females act so unnatural, so unsatisfying as match-up with the male nature.
  • Blame focuses the minds of both sexes on the negatives of the other sex, takes responsibility off the negotiating table, protects the egos of both sexes, and mutual blame continues and spreads.

We have that discordant tune. Restoring beautiful music is the default responsibility of women. They are the relationship experts. They lead in value setting and men adapt to female rules. Men compete with everything and everybody and it takes non-accusing women to induce them to cooperate in marriage.

If more successful marriages are forthcoming, they will arise out of this type of relationship. He marries over his head, rules the roost, and she rules the rooster. Modern women think that love rules but it doesn’t, never has. It’s symbolic. Mutual loyalty and mutual likeability intuitively remove blame from the equation and enable women to rule their rooster.

Modern pressures that split and shatter relationships can be relieved. Women can quit the blame game. They can learn to identify, ignore, and find alternatives to the corruptive influences of pop culture, Feminism, and political correctness. They can withdraw back into their female nature and load it up with feminine qualities. They can find enough gratefulness within themselves that it compounds into a uniqueness that distinguishes each from her sister females.

If we can ever put an end to blaming the other sex for the lack of female gratitude and male satisfaction, social pressures will decrease, and both sexes will look better to the other.

likeability, loyalty, love, rule the rooster, relationships, women, pop culture, Feminism, political correctness, feminine, gratitude, gratefulness for self, sister females, family responsibility, earth, happiness, blame men, blame women, ideal mate, political class, wives, both sexes, marriage,


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7 responses to “2200. Modern Times: Core, Cause, Correction

  1. Shanna

    Great post Mr Guy! Yes, it is quite simple if we turn off all the junk chatter going on in modern society. You’re answering so many of my questions! I’m smiling right now! 🙂

    • Eric

      Agreed: you really have to turn off the pop culture because its values are completely warped. This is an example of what pop culture tells women is the paragon of masculinity:

  2. Eric

    “Men naturally find satisfaction in their work, but not today in their lives or wives.”

    Having eroded marriage, the Political Left is working to undermine male satisfaction at work as well—but elevating the Welfare State, forcing homosexuality into male professions like the military and pro sports, and promoting women to positions of authority over men.

    BTW, speaking of work, I finally found time to finish the article and will e-mail it to you tonight or tomorrow.

    Sir Eric,
    Agree about the Political Left. They are already working to destroy family unity and give bureaucrats the power to supervise parental feeding and discipline raising children up to government standards. The more women blame men for lack of family responsibility et al., the sooner the family as society’s basic unit will cease to exist. It’s moving so fast that traditional values and standards have already been dipped in the vat of oily political planning and conquest and just waiting for the right moment and sequence of change to be imposed.


      youve SAID IT ERIC
      just look at BALTIMORE…. it looks like BLACK WOMEN are doing the heavy lifting, INSTEAD of any men.. and men all over, and of any color
      ARE ACTING SCARED of their own shadows

      ALSO… i’ve told a friend of mine:
      if women start to get into ‘mens only professions’ men would shrivel up like an accordion; EXCEPT CERTAIN ALPHA TYPES..
      for example:
      he tries to take out a car.. but we really know the cars are symbolic for women


    this was also why, some women would train their children in certain ways
    for boys to tuck their shirt tails in. and for girls to wear DRESSES
    ETC.. along with the work each was supposed to do
    for example, today:
    why NEED A WIFE,,when YOU a guy could cook just fine,, and all of the other stuff (especially if you been in the military; you could clean your house)
    the only thing, is that you cant have a child…..and many men are waiting a long time BEFORE having children
    by marrying a younger woman

  4. Miss Gina

    Exactly, Sir Guy. I believe that if just a small number of us challenge our sisters to “cowgirl up,” they eventually will.

    Blame makes one ugly and makes the world ugly. The opposite in my mind for a Christian is to walk in forgiveness and freedom and the joy of the Lord. Joy emanates beauty and begets joy in others. It is extremely attractive, and it also calls those around us to their higher selves. The idea that men will self-correct in the presence of her high standards attractively presented without blame seems nearly miraculous to us women but is a secret of powerful female influence.

    (Do we see joy on the faces of radical social feminists? No; this is their Achilles heel.)

    The principle works in all kinds of situations. Once, a friend of mine was surprised when a neighbor apologized to her for cursing in his yard. She had never heard him curse and was confused. He admitted he’d overheard her singing to the Lord through an open window and got convicted about it. Imagine his response instead if she had heard him cursing and demanded or even just requested that he stop… 🙂

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