59. Her Jewels

Even when sex is not cheap, a man ponders that other women look better than his present sex partner. As a skillful and successful hunter-conqueror, he could do better the next time. A woman’s challenge and only option is to make him forget the ‘do better’ and ‘next time’ parts.   

Keeping him with her requires she outshine other women. She has a huge repertoire of female strengths to rely on. Each earns another bit of a man’s respect, and, remember, a man’s love is based on respect for the female gender and one or more women in particular.

Women have many natural strengths, but few are willing to bypass their ego. Some don’t like their man well enough. Anyway, the woman hopeful of keeping her man focuses on and fine tunes the following ‘necessaries’ that make a woman shine in her man’s eyes.

♥ Physical attractiveness marvelously enhanced by affordable attire and classy grooming.

♥ Sexual attractiveness enhanced by modest coverings to reinforce that other men are forbidden.

♥ Gentleness provided out of patience.

♥ Forgetfulness that follows forgiveness.

♥ Thoughtfulness that her mate deserves even when he doesn’t.

♥ Gratefulness for her man that shines as her being happy when he’s around.

♥ Submissiveness as her spirit of cooperation.

♥ Happiness that spreads infectiously.

♥ Joyfulness that inspires greater hope.

♥ Chasteness promised to him by modest display of boobs and legs.  

♥ Generousness that smashes selfishness out of their lives.

♥ Delightfulness that makes him smile.

♥ Unselfishness that spreads as example for all.

♥ Perpetual smiling countenance.

♥ Neatness that inspires others.

♥ Goodness that sets a shining example.

♥ Faithfulness that inspires him to follow suit.

These are every woman’s strengths, but most women are too busy, ego-stricken, or politically propagandized to use them. NOTE: Of course her man may not be worth such effort as shown above, but it’s her jewels that make him the right man. It’s her behavior that makes him good, bad, indifferent, inadequate, or whatever, provided she didn’t mate up with a hopeless case to begin with.  



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9 responses to “59. Her Jewels

  1. ossanha

    Hello Mr. A. I enjoy reading your blog. It is refreshingly informative if a little un-pc. But then again, I’m tired of pc (!). You seem to have many wise words for women in how we should conduct ourselves but you do not offer any pearls of wisdom on personal conduct for your male readers. Any reason why?

  2. GuyMaligned

    Howdy, ossanha,
    Posts #60 and #61 describe why not. Thanks for your interest and inspiration.

  3. ossanha

    Thanks AGM. I continue to look and learn.
    best wishes

  4. Abigail

    This post is so awesome. I have a long way to go to be this woman.

  5. Ettisen

    I love this post even though it makes me cringe from my lack of these traits. But it all begins with seeing myself differently and loving what I see, a woman, a queen to be crowned with all her precious jewels and only I can adorn myself with them, no one else.

  6. Tania

    Dear Guy,
    My desire to enhance my femininity has been reawakened only over the last few weeks. I found your blog and am caught by all I am learning and thinking about. I would like a husband to practice on! 😉 Given my age, I know this is possibly not realistic, but I’ve discovered in all this that I want to be the woman you describe in this post no matter what. This kind of woman will bless the lives of ALL the people in her life. Being truly, deeply feminine is my highest calling. Responding to men in a way that calls to the best of their masculinity can only make the world a better place. Thanks for supplying such very helpful words of wisdom. You are giving me something that is making my life better.

    Your Highness Tania,
    Welcome aboard. I love it when pretty women join us and especially when they see this cruise as the lane to feminine restoration.

  7. This is one of my favorite WWNH posts and I return to it often. This time around, the last note struck me: “Of course her man may not be worth such effort as shown above, but it’s her jewels that make him the right man. It’s her behavior that makes him good, bad, indifferent, inadequate, or whatever, provided she didn’t mate up with a hopeless case to begin with.”

    The concept that men rise (or sink) not only to women’s expectations of them, but more fundamentally to the virtue shining through a woman’s character, is mentioned often, but the former receives more emphasis. It seems that the latter–womanly virtue as having power (the word virtue actually means power)–is really the bedrock of much what is written here…as it appears to me at least. That’s also the main takeaway I got from the series about Guy Jr. and Lauren.

    Sir Guy, if you are ever inclined to write more about the real ability of feminine virtue to transform the masculine heart, in my estimation it’d be helpful and a valuable addition to wisdom shared here.

    Your Highness Denise,
    Thank you and I’ll take your suggestion under advisement.

    P.S. I responded with Sunday’s post, #1733.

  8. Princess Jessica

    Perhaps what makes a woman so attractive as she puts these attributes in concert with her life is that suddenly she has become extra-ordinary: very good at doing ordinary things with grace, kindness and a flair that is all her own. What a pleasure to read this blog!

    Your Highness Princess Jessica,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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