2445. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part I

Depending on one’s belief, either God designs or evolution produces two specific genders. It matters not which belief is right; the end result is the same. One sex is dominant and the other superior. The battle of the sexes and marital compatibility spring from the difference.

We all learn by living and can easily conclude the male gender as dominant but not the female gender as superior. Men won’t admit it, and women keep quiet about their advantage. Disclosure produces disadvantage for women. Just the claim tampers with manly significance (aka ego) and stirs men to defend their turf at least with denial and perhaps with aggression and even violence against claimants.

The male sex claims physical superiority as ultimate right to dominate. The female gender quietly and discretely imposes the unique advantage it inherits at birth. Specifically, the ability to build, manage, and even restore relationships. It’s the relationship expertise that men lack.

Women, however, have problems with this principle about socializing with others. That person who has exclusive ability also inherits the responsibility for whatever happens. Thus, female expertise makes each woman responsible for relationship development and management, success and failure. Of course women object to that principle but another exists. If one doesn’t accept full responsibility, they lack the (self-assumed) authority to do the job well, which weakens self-confidence, which leads to unsolvable problems. Squabbles start the moment two people are responsible for the same thing, which is a cardinal principle of effective leadership. Consequently, by following her nature with a sense of empowerment for producing a good relationship, women exploit their superior expertise. The more she feels singularly responsible, the better relationship she will produce.

The feminine woman learns more easily than others to live with male dominance; it fits her persona because of other abilities. Whatever feminine women can’t live with, they learn to indirectly outwit, outsmart, and outmaneuver men in some way that makes their life tolerable or even blessed with unique female abilities. By doing so, it enables them to suppress aggression; make domestic peace normal; recruit masculine expertise to provide and protect women and children; generate compatibility with a mate; and pursue female hopes, dreams, and happiness found with a man who helps all along the way.

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One response to “2445. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part I

  1. Shermy

    It has been quite a journey to get to understanding this concept. Thank you Sir guy for all of your guidance, wisdom and direction. So masculine of you!

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