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2015. Female Blessings at Birth — 19-21

It’s the seventh group and I’m grateful for whatever feedback you send.

I continue taking the (currently 85) default attitudes for a test drive and your examination.

Please identify each item by its number and indicate true/false, as you see it. True means that a default item is part of female nature that women inherit at birth. False means that the item is missing completely from your heart or something you learned during life.

Where “Guy adds,” I could be wrong. Feel free to challenge my assumptions.

19. I’m grateful that I have the ultimate ‘out’. I can seek God’s forgiveness to relieve my self-blame and guilt. It’s up to me to believe—first in God, second in His intention—that I’m forgiven and free to forget an incident or fault. [Guy adds: Born soft-hearted and taught to be tender-hearted, excess guilt hardens the female heart. Forgiveness relieves such guilt except when she lacks belief in God or faith in His forgiveness. Or, she refuses such forgiveness as undeserved, which just explains shortage of belief, faith, or both.]
20. I’m grateful to realize that morality and religion are essential and I can use them to brighten my future. Both serve us women in the process of civilizing boys, taming men, and domesticating husbands. [Guy adds: Men lack the natural interest that women have for morality and female-friendly religion. However, in order to live up to the expectations of mothers and mates, men adopt and use both. As women go so goes society; as morality and Western religions are promoted and popularized, so goes female-friendliness.]
21. I’m grateful to be in charge of my home. I accept responsibility for both a civil and well-disciplined household. Husband participates and backs me up when I need greater authority, which is almost never necessary as long as I do my best. (And anyway, when he’s invited to help, he goes too far or takes over.) [Guy adds: Husband provides the head and wife the heart of the home. The attitudes of family members flow out of the family heart and reflect her effectiveness. Blaming husband for dissatisfaction invites him to direct her efforts.]

Example for responses: “21-F ” works okay to reflect your opinion of false to that one item. Also, comments are welcome and desired if you take exception.

Thank you for your opinions.



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537. Heart over Head — Redux A

♀ Promiscuity softens a woman’s natural hard-headedness and hardens her natural soft-heartedness.

♀ Masculine-style sexually active females act like guys. Men know how to treat guys.

♀ She acts like a lady, she’ll be treated that way. Also, it’s amazing how to her men appear more gentlemanly.

♀ She dresses like a hooker, guess how she’ll be treated.

♀ Wives customize their appearance for comfort. Sloppy and unkempt, they mock husband’s pride in his woman.

♀ Women that don’t know jack about Jack object to being ‘owned’ or ‘his woman’. Jack’s sense of possessiveness signals females that he values her above them and tells males to leave her alone.

♀ Feasting through their ears as women do, many fool themselves by accepting words of commitment in lieu of actions that display devotion.

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290. Female Fortitude—106 through 110

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match previous posts.

106.   Because of love, his words speak more loudly than his actions. Quite the opposite of his view.

107.   She must be grateful for who and what he is and does. Affection and love do not register as gratitude.  

108.   The rules for success are many, but wrongs trump rules, Nature trumps Love, and men trump women that don’t know how to make men successful at husbanding and fathering. .

109.   Women are born soft-hearted, but sometimes they get hard-hearted. They grow selfish, self-centered, and often vengeful to make others pay for offenses to their female ego.

110.   Men absolutely need only one thing: A place to flop, eat, throw his things, and prepare for tomorrow’s ‘battles’. If she does not want to maintain at least a hut for him, someone else will.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 285, 280, 275, 270, 265, 260, 255, 250, 245, 240, 234, 228, 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.]

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271. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’m! — Post 2 of 5

SUBJECT: Men are not considerate of her sexual wants, needs, and desires. Granted, they should be, but….

♀ Should she expect and can she get everything? Is trying for perfection asking too much, when the subject so easily threatens him?  

♀ Does complaining about his approach to sex take her eye off the prize of keeping him?

♀ She expects him to read her mind about her wants, needs, and desires. He expects it to be unnecessary. His prowess and stamina will make the ball roll just fine, thank you very much.  

♀ The female gender can’t alter the nature of men. She does better paying attention to her own relationship than seeking aid and comfort with the ‘enemy’—sister females that are not above stalking her husband.

♀ Women are not alike in wants, needs, desires, drives, and erogenous zones. Each can solve her own problems in her own home. God designed and Nature gave her hard-headed expertise to deal with men, and soft-hearted expertise to deal with a man.

♀ Women talk about their wants, needs, and desires but skirt around their sex drive. They know intuitively that advertising it virtually admits to a sexually hyperactive past.

♀ Women complain and blame men about being inconsiderate. After years of Internet bashing of males, complaints continue. Do women expect different results from doing the same thing? 

Men should consider her sexual wants, needs, and desires. As we have seen, however, WOMEN often interfere.

[This subject and title started at post 266. Three more follow in a few days.]

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270. Female Fortitude—86 through 90

These ‘fortitudinals’ provide special themes or summaries. Numbers match the posts.

86.   Promiscuity softens a woman’s hard-headedness and hardens her soft-heartedness.

87.   Mothers tame aggressiveness in their boys—or boys express it freely for life. Teen girls civilize boys into men—or they don’t get there. Wives domesticate husbands to settle down, or men move their manly selves around quite a bit.

88.   A woman kisses a frog…. Then, she neuters him with words that wound his spirit….

89.    Feminine mystique is whatever a woman does that stimulates curiosity and keeps a man guessing, defensive, and unsure of her values and intentions about his role in her life.

90.   Her hard-headedness tames the right man. Her soft-heartedness keeps the right man.

[Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 265, 260, 255, 250, 245, 240, 234, 228, 213, 203, 199, 186, 182, and 176.]

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259. Sex and the fickle girl — Part 12

♀ A woman’s soft-hearted nature should be reserved for husband and kids. Relying on it during dating and courtship makes her vulnerable to join her sisters in the ex lane.

♀ When a hottie becomes haughty, she might as well be a nottie—after conquest, that is.

♀ Expectant mothers duplicate tee-shirted, pot-bellied men, which drives expectant father’s eyeballs to every attractive female within sight.

♀ He cheats on her, so she cheats on him. The former hurts her, the latter terminates their relationship.

♀ Women abandon femininity, modesty, high moral standards, and other female strengths just to have a boyfriend or husband they can’t keep.

♀ It’s self-fulfilling: A wife blames husband for his faults. Accused men resist change and defend themselves by disproving the evidence presented. In her eyes, his resistance makes her see his faults as her failure to correct him. Her failures turn him toward inadequacy. It started with her accepting him with faults she could not stand.

♀ Behind each ex there’s an inadequate man. He’s either dumper or dumpee. Yet, she chose him with inadequate qualifications, and her choices will always determine her outcomes.

♀ Short-term romantic love seduces women into ignoring the need for her man’s respect. Hence, when romantic love fades in a year or two, his respect for her is not enough to fuel his long-term enduring love.

[More about sex and fickle females appears in posts 246, 229, 216, 201, 184, 170, 160, 148, 137, 93, and 34. Scroll down or search by the number followed by a dot and space.]

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203. Female Fortitude—36 through 40

36.      She acts ungratefully with and for her man. Then she blames him for her unhappiness. Her actions dominate her feelings, not his. Gratefulness breeds happiness.

37.      Jean Jacque Rousseau was wrong about many things, but not this one: “The more women want to resemble [men], the less women will govern them, and then men will truly be the masters.”

38.      As with all of us, he produces better when he lives for something or someone higher than himself. Another reason why married men are more successful and live longer lives than their uncommitted, unattached male brothers.

39.      A woman that appears ordinary stales fast in the face of erotic scenery outside the home.

40.      Men are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Women are born hard-headed but soft-hearted. It takes years to soften his heart, and her going soft in the head doesn’t help.

[Numbers match the original posts. Previous fortitudinals appear in posts 199, 186, 182, and 176.]


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